level 7 routine with new code of points

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I'm working on coming up with routines for my level 7's- i want each of them to have a routine that fits to their strenghts but still meets are the requirements and 7 parts.

I've never coached optionals before and am slightly confused with the new code of points...If i'm understanding correctly there are 4 requirments for level 7. 1) cast abover 45, 2&3) 2 circling elements from groups 3,6,7 4) salto dismount. In addition to these requirements 7 more elements (5a, 2b) must be included in the routine.

Can anyone give me a sample of a basic routine?

A's I was thinking
-kip or a fun variation of:cool:
-sole circle squat on


*not sure where a second giant could fit in since i was going clear hip handstand and giant for circling elements
L7 requires 2B's and 4 A's in addition to the 4 special requirements. Your special requirement skills can also count towards your A's and b's. L7 is about CLEAN gymnastics, fulfill the requirements then get off the event!:)

Most bar routines are either: kip cast to HS (or as close as they can get) clear hip circle (that is your 3 6, 7 element), kip, squat on, kip cast and either another clear hip or Giant, flyaway. The better kids do kip, squat on, kip, cast to HS, clear hip HS, giant, flyaway. Other 3,6, 7 elements that are acceptable for L7's are toe circle or stalders (to clear support or HS).
Exactly. My first year of 7 I did kip, HS, clearhip, squat on, kip, HS, clearhip, fly away.

My second year subsitute the second clearhip with a giant and you have my routine.
Hey! Level 7s need 5As and 2Bs. Most kids do this routine:
Kip, cast, clear hip, kip, cast, squat on. Jump to high bar, kip, cast, giant, giant flyaway. (one of those casts has to be a min. of 45 degrees from vertical)

Or alternate high bar- kip, cast, clear hip, flyaway.

You need one clear hip, stalder, or toe on/off for the 3/6/7, a cast to at least 45 degrees from vertical, and another B. The best thing to do in level 7 is to do the bare minimum. Don't throw in any extra tricks. The kids who do the routines I have listed here score the best because they have only the bare minimum, therefore there are less skills to deduct. Level 7 isn't the place to whip out the code of points and look up which skills look neat. Don't do it! Simple is best! I judge optionals and coached it for a long time...let me know if you have any questions!
My DD's L7 routine....

Kip cast handstand, clearhip handstand, kip, squat on, jump to high bar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant layout flyaway.

Hope that helps...

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