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  1. L

    For Parents First meet in the season!

    Tomorrow, at an ungodly hour, we travel two hours to our first meet of the season. It's a new level for us this year (DP8). New for me this year...the kid's best friend is doing her hair, and I don't have to! My kid's goal--be competitive at DP 8. My kid's challenge--giants. No problem last...
  2. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents First Meet

    Going to our first meet in 2 weeks! DD feels good about it. Just usually nerves. She doesn’t compete until a Sunday so we are going watch and support our team on Saturday to calm the nerves on see how things are set up , work, score boards, etc to calm the unexpected things. Our teams higher...
  3. R

    For Parents First meet this season!

    Hey all let's chat! Assuming most of your gymnasts have competed by now, how did your first (and second) meets go? Ill start! DD1 had an amazing meet, some beam issues but overall very good. She was extremely proud when she worked out if she had a beam similar to last year she would have been...
  4. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents First meet in over a year...

    Puma Jr last competed in January 2020, then broke her ankle, then the shutdown. She broke her wrist to end 2020 and 5&1/2 weeks after getting out of the cast, she finally competed again this past weekend (the day after her 14th birthday!:eek: o_O ). She did great! It was an in house meet, and...
  5. TKBmom

    For Parents DD lost her BHS right before first meet

    My daughter's first ever Level 3 meet is this Saturday. She lost her BHS after a bad landing at practice a couple of weeks ago and has not gotten it back. She said she is now scared to do it, even though she knows she can. She does it with help during practice but is she allowed to not try it at...
  6. MuggleMom

    For Parents 1st Meet in the books

    Well we competed our first official Level 6 meet and despite some issues it went really well. The hotel we stayed at wasnt the best the beds were really uncomfortable so no one got any sleep. DD has been fighting off a cold so without sleep she was miserable in the morning for the 9am warm up...
  7. D

    For Parents Poor first meet scores

    My newly turned five year old had her first level 2 meet. She came in next to last with a all around score of 25-26ish(can’t recall the exact score). She looked to be one of the youngest at the meet, if not the youngest. She was definitely the smallest kid competing in her level. Most kids in...
  8. R

    MAG First meet

    Wow, there is so much to learn- so many differences between boys' and girls' gymnastics! DS started off in a 1 hour rec class in March and then joined the team over the summer. The way his gym is set up the boys practice way in the back and I haven't seen him do any gymnastics. My husband and I...
  9. Peachy88

    For Parents First meet in the bag!

    Success! A wonderful first meet experience and looking forward to this next one. I was so nervous but now that we have a baseline it feels easier to help her set personal goals and prepare. Any other newbies here? Thanks for all your help!
  10. D

    For Parents How to prepare 5 year old for first meet

    Hi! My daughter is four years old and training level 2. She turns five shortly before her first competition. I know she will be competing against kids who are older and better than her. I know she isn't going to win and that is totally ok with me. I want her to have fun at competitions. How do...
  11. D

    For Coaches Level 9 first meet.

    except for the extra stoop circle, I just hope the other meets go this well.
  12. NY Dad

    For Parents Update - First Meet! It looks like it’s really going to happen

    This is a follow-up from: Thanks to everyone that has helped steer me (and my dd) in the right direction. I’m absolutely certain that without the guidance and support that I’ve received from all of...
  13. Jenn's Jam

    For Parents More then scared for her first meet?

    So recently I asked my DD if she was excited about her first meet (Coming up in December) this is her first year not just doing team but doing gymnastics in general. If you haven't seen my thread about how her coach is making her stop doing her harder skills although he said form had nothing to...
  14. NY Dad

    For Parents First Year On Team, First Meet… At Her Old Gym

    As usual, I had planned to write a short and concise post and ended up writing a book :D. Sorry in advance. I just received some team information :) (How cool is that?! Team! & Information!) Before they can compete, each of the new team girls (including my dd) has to pass skills tests in each...
  15. Alibri

    For Parents VERY first meet tomorrow! Nerves and a question

    My 6-year-old has her very first meet tomorrow! It feels like it's been forever working up to this, since she started rec Kinder class at 4. So crazy to compare, since my 5-year-old DD starts her second season of t-ball, and after 2 weeks of practice they will already be playing games! With how...
  16. T

    For Parents What to expect at our very first meet

    My daughter's very first meet is next weekend at the Excalibur Cup. Gymnastics is a new sport in our family and we have no idea what to expect. Would someone mind giving us a basic rundown of how it all works and about how many gymnasts she will be competing against? She is 7 and will be...
  17. G

    OT First Meet Of The Season Report

    First meet done! Bars- 9.050 4th Place Beam- 8.700 8th Place Floor- 9.025 6th Place Vault- 9.000 6th Place AA- 35.500 6th Place Not Great, not bad either. Aiming for better beam scores. No falls, but huge steps during front tumbling. Came home with 5 medals!
  18. twinmomma

    First Meet in the Books

    Mobility meet for DD was yesterday. She did great! She was disappointed in her trampoline score, BUT I keep trying to tell her a week and a half ago she still was missing a skill so she should see it as a win and know that she has 5 months to polish it. She did get a mobility score on...
  19. xcelmomsilver

    For Parents 1st Meet report

    Okay so DD's first meet was last night and I was a nervous wreck. She was really excited nervous for handstand on beam. I have to say I was impressed by her scores all 9s! She didn't forget any routines, and competed a vault by herself for the first time. Beam was successful here are her scores...
  20. M

    For Parents 1st meet jitters

    DDs first meet of the season is this weekend. Does anyone else get super anxious for them until after the first meet? DD is doing her kip cast handstand for the first time into giant giant flyaway. She competed Clear Hips last year. I am really proud of her she has worked on the dang thing for...