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  1. M

    For Parents knee injury?

    Hi everyone. I'm not asking for medical advice here, just wanted to see if anyone has first hand experience to share. My daughter hyperextended her knee about a week and half ago. She didn't hear a pop or feel anything that dramatic. But she was doing a FLO FLO on the floor and I guess just...
  2. T

    For Parents knee OCD

    So my 14 year old daughter just had to have her second surgery for Osteochondrital Dicessans. First it was in her left, then it was her right knee. The surgeon acts like this is one in a million and when I ask the root cause, she (or anyone) doesn’t know exactly. My question is..has anyone had...
  3. B

    WAG Knee braces an level 7 question

    I have a two part question and I hope that is okay?! I don’t post often but I’m grateful to be able find support in reading the same situations we have at home. Our orthopedic doc said she does not have Osgood Schlatter’s but has a tracking issue with knee and therefore she wants her to brace...
  4. aerial123

    WAG Side aerial help? Keep falling on my knee!!!

    Hi, former cheerleader/acro dancer here. I used to have a really good side aerial. I'm trying to regain it on the ground again and I've definitely made some progress. I keep falling on my knee though. Here is a link to a video, please let me know how I can actually land it (please be specific).
  5. gymnastecs21

    WAG Hyperextended Both Knee

    At practice yesterday I was doing a front handspring front tuck and hyperextended both knees, and proceeded to jump while they were hyperextended. I heard a pop and I felt sharp pain, and tried to continue my routine but the pain was so bad that I couldn't continue. I usually have super high...
  6. N

    WAG Need help to fix a hypo extended knee to avoid deductions! Thank you...

    Hey guys, I get deducted for that my knees aren’t straight. But my problem is that when I fully straighten it, it seems bent. I think this is called a hypo extention? Anyways, does somebody have a stretching exercice, or any other method to help me? Thank you very much for a response! :);)
  7. emmagraced31

    WAG Hyperextending knee in front aerial

    Today I was at the cheer gym I go to working on front aerials on the tumble track onto the big pillow mat. This is the first time I’ve ever worked on front aerials. so I was doing them and at first wasn’t landing them then towards the end I started doing them and I kinda landed on my heal and...
  8. WingingIt

    For Parents Knee Injury with no answers :-(

    DD8 has had knee pain for a while. It finally got bad enough to go see a doctor. After XRAYS and an MRI, all they determined was discoid meniscus, which shouldn't cause any pain on it's own. They found no tears or inflammation... nothing. She's been on rest since March. Has anyone ever had...
  9. jessimee

    WAG Too much too soon? Xcel and knee pain

    My 8 year old DD joined Xcel at the beginning of June. She has been in Rec level 2 for two years prior, practicing 1.5 hours once a week. Now she has gone up to 6.5 hours/week. She loves bars and is acquiring skills quickly. First practice she "got" her squat-on, second practice was squat-on...
  10. Mamabearof3

    WAG Knee strap recommendations

    Hi all! My dd is dealing with patellar tendinitis, she’s been wearing the cho pat single strap but she says it slides down a bit. Has anyone tried anything else that stays put? Thanks in advance!
  11. H

    For Parents Osteochondritis dissecans (knee)

    Looking for advice from more seasoned parents. My daughter competed level three last year and did very well. After the season we were presented with a plan from the gym to complete level 4 this fall, one level 5 meet in the spring and then train for level 7 (we don’t do 6). Three weeks ago...
  12. L

    For Parents Fat pad impingement in knee

    Anyone have any experience with this? It seems as though there is a bumper or fat pad under the knee cap that can get inflamed from hyperextension or overuse. And bc it is rife with nerves it can be painful if it flares. Just wondering if anyone knows about recovery time, success of PT, what...
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    OT Athletes/Coaches taking a knee during the anthem at meets

    Lately, the question of when and where and how it is appropriate to protest social issues has come up in many sports, most notably (but not only) the NFL. I expect it is just a matter of time before this question must be addressed in the gymnastics world, so while this is a politically charged...
  14. S

    For Parents Hyperextended knee?

    My gymmies knee ‘went straight’, as she put it,while walking (yep walking) at gymnastics tonight. A coach told her she hyperextended it, wrapped it up and took her off floor and vault. She is icing/elevating it right now and says on a scale of 1–10 it’s a 5 for pain. Anyone else have experience...
  15. Jard.the.gymnast

    OT Knee strenght

    Last Tuesday, i landed a front tuck on a hyperextended knee, which hyper-hyper extended it. I went to the doctor, i have pulled Some ligaments in my knee. Doc said it wasn't serious ans i could do what i wanted, as long as it is a pain-free activity. This prevents me from any landing not done in...
  16. flippinam

    WAG Knee "Prehab" Conditioning

    Does anybody know of good exercises to help with knee injury prevention? I'm working on creating a conditioning program for my college club team. We have very limited hours in the gym and in previous years have done essentially no conditioning. Last year we had two torn ACLs and a lot of...
  17. enicholas

    For Parents OCD of the Knee - any success stories out there?

    Hello! My 10 year old daughter just finished level 7 and is training for level 8. She has been working through knee pain for a little while now. We finally got her in to see ortho. She had an x-ray followed up by an MRI that confirmed OCD of the right femur. Doc gave us two choices: 1. crutches...
  18. G

    Knee injuries??

    Does anybody know how long a hyperextended knee should take to heal? I hurt mine about a month ago and I haven't taken any time off because of State and Regionals, so it really hasn't gotten any better. Has anybody else had problems with knee injuries?
  19. G

    Hyperextended Knee

    About a month ago at practice, I was doing front tucks off of beam and I landed with straight legs. My left knee was fine , but my right knee hurt pretty bad. I wasn't able to walk on it well, and my coach had me ice it off and on for the rest of practice. It wasn't swollen or bruised. Leaving...
  20. kassgymnast_

    OT Knee injury?

    So I'm not sure exactly what happened with my knee but it just started hurting on the inner side of the knee cap (and under it). I'm not sure what tendon or bone or whatever it is but I have an MRI scheduled to check it out. So this is weird. Today at bars I was fine, except for having to do a...