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  1. T

    WAG Problems with bent knees

    DD is not able to completely straighten her legs. They always have a slight but noticeable bend at the knee. Curious to know if anyone else’s child has this problem and if physical therapy has helped. Could it be due to tight muscles around the knee or is it maybe just the way she is made?
  2. M

    Coaches Get knees to tighten on front gaint

    Hey coaches need some help here. This athlete’s knees are not tight when she does her front giants in the straddle position. What drills can I do to give her awareness on getting her knees tight. She is flexible in the hamstrings but tends to bend her knees when going up to handstand on her...
  3. S

    Parents Sore knees

    My gymnast had sore knees after practice tonight. Nothing happened during practice, just generally sore from use and when she walks and bends them. Is ice best to help with this?
  4. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Knees

    So, i am very flexible in nature, my knees too. When i think they are straight, they are bent, but the other way as other people, so my foot is above my knee instead of under. Is this a deduction in FIG rules?
  5. Pea'sMom

    WAG Tucks...knees in or out?

    Had a blast with our girls at the AT&T cup (more then I thought I would!) Question popped up and I have no idea what the answer is, so I figured who better to ask. Some girls were doing tucks with their knees in, some were doing them with their knees out (like the boys). Is there any reason to...
  6. Lizzy Brennan

    Coaches Bent Knees and Flexed Feet... Ugh!

    Hello ChalkBucket! My YMCA just finished up our competitive season, and we are ready to start working new skills. As the OCD person that I am, I have been looking at all of our team girls and (privately) predicting where they will most likely end up next season. One girl in particular, (let's...
  7. All Chalked Up

    WAG Warm up for gymnasts with bad knees

    Currently can't run or jump (let alone tumble, beam, or vault) because of a possible torn meniscus. Not doing any gymnastics other than conditioning and some bars, but I need to find a warm up that does not involve running or jumping because I need to warm up my muscles before four hours of...
  8. E

    WAG Bent knees still in optionals

    My DD struggled all through compulsory with her form. It seemed no matter how hard she tried or trained she could not fix her bent knees or point her toes. Her coaches always told her she would be a better optional gymnast. Here we are 4 years later and she is set to compete level 7 this coming...
  9. CameraShy

    WAG Bent knees on beam

    DD is 7 and competing L5. She has competed both BWO and BHS on beam. Both of these have bent knees. She does a beautiful BWO on floor, but says she can't do it like that on beam without falling. Same with her BHS. Her coach doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. In fact, she told DD...
  10. Sasha

    WAG Continued pain behind knees when stretching splits - advice?

    My DD(7) is the 'tight and powerful' type gymnast, with not much natural flexibility (though she has made great strides and has splits 1 direction pretty good). She's been doing gym for a year now, and will compete L3 next season. She has been increasingly complaining about pain behind her...
  11. E

    WAG knees

    I have hyper extended knees really bad. They look beautiful and tight when doing routines but are causing me a lot of pain when I land tumbles. About every month I will hurt them causing me to miss out on about a weeks training. I am looking at getting a brace for my knee any suggestions? Has...
  12. JoyAvenueMom

    WAG Question for coaches about keeping knees together in BHS

    This is simply a matter of curiosity for me. I don't want to ask Kipper's coaches b/c I don't want them to think I am meddling or doubting them. But, I really want to know. At what point do you focus on teaching a gymnast to keep their knees together during BHS series? Kipper has pretty BHS...
  13. 2G1B

    Parents Knobby Knees?

    Both of my DDs have knobby knees. Even when their legs are locked at the knees, their knees still stick out, making it look like they have bent legs. Their coaches at the old gym mentioned it and this year their new coaches have mentioned that they likely will face deductions for bent knees...
  14. G

    Knees and Hips

    Not quite a gymnast question per se but relates to general fitness and such. Being a full time student I have rather bad posture at tables and chairs, leading to my poor back hurting all the time. No worries with that problem, saw my physio a couple of times and got some exercises. Not saying...
  15. H

    WAG Hyperextended knees, ankles and elbows

    Hey everyone! So I have hyperextended knees,ankles and elbows but not from an injury I think I was just born that way. The thing is, in some gym moves, I get hurt more easily because of it. For example, when doing a back handspring, my elbows really hurt and I have to be careful not to lock my...
  16. amblan01

    Pain in shoulders, knees, femurs, wrists, lower back, Achilles, calves?

    Is it normal to have pain all over after gymnastics and tumbling? I'm just always in pain as long as I'm in the sport. I need skills that hurt my back to make team and pain will not get in the way of my goals. It feels like I tore stuff.
  17. V

    WAG Knees...

    Wow. DD can compete state... then she wakes up with knee pain. She was at a birthday party at a trampoline park yesterday. She says she did a side aerial and her left knee landed on the trampoline pad and hyperextended it. DD has double jointed knees too. To the side of her knee there is...
  18. M

    Bent knees at takeoff

    Hi people, I have a question about "bent knees at takeoff". My question is; should coaches teach gymnasts from the start to have slightly bent knees at takeoff (ex. takeoff on a springboard).. or they should jump onto the springboard with straight legs? Note: At my gym I teach my gymnasts to...
  19. D

    Landing On Knees in BHS

    Hi all :) I am going to give you some background first. I also wish I had a video to post because I know it makes it a lot easier to give skill advice when there's one. Maybe I will try and take one tomorrow at the gym. My DD has been having issues with her RO BHS for awhile now. My guess that...
  20. M

    sore knees

    Hi, i have found recently that my knees are hurting during training and about up to an hour after, sometimes during the day when not at gym also. It is like a sharp pain when i put weight on it but fades after the impact of the step is done if that makes sense? for a while ive noticed my knees...