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  1. M

    WAG Stretches for back walkover

    So I am working on my back walkover, and I was wondering if anyone has good stretches you recommend for your back? I have heard from friends and the internet that bridges can be really bad for you, plus they make my lower back really sore, so I’m trying to not just do those. Also, (sorry for 2...
  2. dan129834

    MAG Help with beginner gymnastics stretches and exercises

    Hey, im a beginner gymnast, started 4 months ago, and i've been training in gym for 5 years, so im a bit tight.(but still not that heavy, 69 kg, 1.72 m, i do have good fundamental strength) I want to improve my flexibility without pushing it too much and injuring myself. I almost able to do side...
  3. Jard.the.gymnast

    OT Calf muscle stretches

    So we upped our time on vault this year and i notice that my Calf muscles (i think, it is below my knee on the back) are really wore and thight. Does anyone know Some good stretches for these muscles?
  4. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Stretches for a better toe point

    Does anyone know some good stretches for a better toe point? All I can find is a foot stretcher, which is not what I need...
  5. T

    WAG Achilles stretches

    Can anyone suggest some good stretches for the Achilles tendon? My DD has mentioned a pain in her heel for the past few weeks. Not the base of the heel, more 'inside'. It's been interfering with tumbling but at home she seems fine. The other day one of the coaches noted that her calf on that leg...
  6. vans2

    WAG Tips, stretches, drills to straighten back leg on beam split jump

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had drills or stretches etc to help straighten out my DDs back leg on her beam split jump. She's lvl 5 and seems to always have a bent back leg. The coaches tell her to just straighten it but she can't. She's a very strong, powerhouse gymnast, but not...
  7. gymnastelly10

    stretches for flexibility? and how flexible are you?

    I can do a needle sometimes, definitely a scorpion. i can lie on my stomach and touch my feet to my head, do a chest stand. i can do bad leg and good leg splits and stand on one foot and bring my foot over my head etc. would you consider me really flexible?? and what are some really good...
  8. momnipotent

    For Parents Stretches to help with back bridge?

    ODS is having problems with his back bridge and the coach has given him "homework" to work on it at home. The repeated home practice is not helping and he is getting frustrated. I am starting to wonder if it is a shoulder/back flexibility problem. When he pushes up into the bridge, he can't get...
  9. Flyaway

    WAG Shoulder stretches

    Dd's (7yo) coach told me last week after working BHS that her shoulders were very tight and she "needs to stretch bad". I asked for some suggestions, she told me to have her do the "cat stretch"?? Are there any other stretches that would be safe for her to do at home with me helping/supervising?
  10. S

    WAG Which stretches for shoulders do you do?

    DD is super flexible in her lower body. She can do all splits and doesn't even feel a stretch in pancake, so she usually does oversplits. Her bridge is nice, but I would say definitely not as good as her splits. When she is doing walkovers, she uses her lower back flexibility a lot due to lack...
  11. M

    For Coaches Stretches names and muscles affected.

    I found that many gyms have different names for the same stretches. I also found that many websites state incorrect muscles affected by a stretch. I would love to hear your opinion. I have create a page with a gallery of stretches which are all numbered. I would like to hear what you think the...
  12. L

    WAG Needles, arched handstands, and back stretches

    So, as discusses in some threads here, back and front walkovers can be very harmful if you are not doing them the right way and even then they can be harmful and shouldn't be done too often. I also now that if one is doing bridges, the gymnast should focus on keeping the lower and mid back as...
  13. L

    WAG SAFE stretches for back - afraid of injuries! Please help!

    Are there any stretches for the back and the shoulders, that are safe (after warm up!)? I am very flexible, so is my back and shoulders, I can stick my head between my feet, but as I am already 21, I want to cut down on doing walkovers, especially the front ones, although they look sooo nice...
  14. G

    New stretches?

    Before I start this is my first post so please tell me if I messed something up. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had some (advanced) new stretches I could try? Thanks!
  15. PalmTree

    For Coaches Warm-up Stretches

    What do you have your gymnasts do to warm up, stretching wise? I have heard that it is bad to do static stretches before a workout, because it reduces muscle power. So mostly I have them roll out wrists and ankles and do strength. Any advice?
  16. L

    For Coaches Need some hip flexor stretches, post 'em if you got 'em!

    Hello all! Long time no see so this is also a "nice to see you" thread! I have a couple of young girls with incredibly tight hip flexors. It's an interesting phenomenon that I have never seen in this extreme. Their hamstrings are flexible enough for splits, but they have one hip up at an...
  17. 5StarNinjaXx

    WAG Turning out of front walkovers... lower back stretches?

    I have a pretty flexible back, so I have been doing front walkovers on beam. I will be having a front walkover in my routine this year. Well, every once in a while I freak out half way through and turn out, it definitely has taken a toll on my back. So I was wondering if anyone has any good...
  18. Gooshie

    Favorite Stretches

    Does anyone else love the hardest or most uncomfortable stretches? I love wall sits, wall straddles, clam shells, and splits (my friends all hate splits) I tend to find myself in a wall straddle most night when I am watching something online. What are your favorites?
  19. B

    Help with pike stretches

    My DD seems to have a particular aversion to pike stretches. She has her splits, both ways, and can get flat to the floor on a straddle stretch, but the pike is not pretty. Obviously practicing several times a day (that's what her coach told her to do) will help. Just wondered if there were...
  20. D

    Painful stretches.

    Since it's the summer, I don't want to lose my flexibility, especially because I just learned a lot of new skills (I do cheerleading). I usually start my day with a light run for warm ups and then I stretch my legs for heel stretches and bow n arrows, I stretch my thigh muscles for scales and...