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  1. OwlGalLiz

    MAG Stretching at home

    What are some great stretches (to help to get to splits) for a young level 4? DS was in tears after practice today because it hurt when Coach "helped" him. They were attempting splits and stretching at the end of practice. I am going to ask Coach at the next practice if he can recommend any...
  2. Nicolegymnast101

    WAG Stretching

    I am a level 7 gymnast and I am not very flexible I was thinking about stretching 2 hours a day. Any ideas of stretching? Make me a 2 hour stretching plan! (:
  3. B

    Parents Making flexibility stretching fun for DD

    DD has lots of strength, but not so much on flexibility. So her coach gave us a list of stretches and skills to do at home each day. We have been doing them for almost 2 months now and her coach said last week that she can finally start to tell a little bit of improvement. YEAH! I can to. Now my...
  4. gymmomtotwo

    Parents Typical stretching/conditioning practices

    Let me preface this by saying my 5 year old DD came out of practice acting if nothing was amiss and had a good practice. I typically watch only about 15 minutes of a three hour practice, and usually don't see stretching etc. I have seen some stretching at the beginning of practice where the...
  5. cbone

    How do you encourage stretching at home?

    My daughter's coach told her to "keep working (her) stretching at home". I read between the lines pretty well and I heard, "She's not flexible enough." I've heard that kids with really muscular legs have flexibility issues and have even had some parents make comments to me about it at meets (ie...
  6. G

    Stretching/flexibility homework?

    Gym/dance coach gave G-DD directions for homework that included stretching and work on her flexibility for 30 minutes per day. Very non-specific for a L4/6yo kindergartner ?? She thinks sitting in a split, or in a hand-stand while watching Sponge Bob works. Do you have any ideas on exactly what...
  7. NewtoGym

    Ballistic stretching

    Does you gym have the gymnasts do ballistic stretching? How common is this? Have you seen any injuries resulting from this type of stretching? Thanks!
  8. T

    Beginner mens stretching routine (im 23)

    I started doing gymnastics at 21-22 wayy late, cant compete obviously but I love learning the skills mainly focusing on rings as I have them set up at my house. No swinging skills but I can do clean muscle ups for reps, straddle planche, full front and back levers, working on a cross currently...
  9. coachmolly

    Pre-School Stretching

    I teach a pre-school class with a young guy- no formal gymnastics training, likes the gym, just kind of got thrown into the whole rec. coaching thing. He usually does the stretching with the kids- including bridges (these are 4-5 year olds) which makes me cringe, but he learned this was okay...
  10. A

    Stretching Ankles and Toes

    Eh, I am not sure this goes here, but both my big toe and my ankle make a popping noise when I do rotations/extensions to warm up. Never happens while running or anything. Any stretch their toes/ankles other than the usual calf stretches? Thanks in advance for any info...
  11. E

    New to team strength and stretching?

    Today i found out that i will be moving up to the team YAY (im very excited) i will be starting in two weeks and seens as im on school holiday so does any one have any ideas for stretching and strength stuff to practice at home. btw i have a wide selection of weights and chin up bar as well as a...
  12. D

    Chronic stretching/over stretching

    Is it possible to over stretch? I have a tendency to hold stretches for the length of a song, especially major stretches like hip flexors, splits, straddles, etc. I also stretch as much as two or three times a day. But I do admit that the next day I will be too sore to walk up the stairs at...
  13. I

    I need stretching and conditioning workouts needed!

    I know the title doesn't make sense. I do highschool gymnastics. (yuck) so that means I only train in the winter. Does anyone know anything that can help keep me flexible and strong? Its hard to know what to do and hard to stay motivated. please help
  14. E

    stretching and strength

    i was wondering if anyone had any stretches or strengthening exersizes to add to my daily routine this is what i do at the moment stretching splits all three left leg over slpits bridge elbow stand with feet on floor leggs straight banana stretch( where u lie on your back and some one grabs onto...
  15. F

    How Much is to much[stretching]?

    Everynight I stretch and then sit in my splits for as long as I can without it hurting to much which is about 30 minutes.Everynow and then it will really hurt[not in a stretch kind of way though] so I dont know if Im sitting in my splits to long or if its just my legs. So my question is,is how...
  16. gymnafreak


    So i switched gyms 3 years ago and i really don't think that we stretch enough. So we come to the gym and we run for 5 minutes. Then we do splits and a 30 second bridge. Then we do progressions and start gymnastics. At the end, we condition and sometimes we do splits at the end, but thats...
  17. gymjourneymom

    Help with stretching?

    I'm wondering if there are any good videos that show how to properly stretch a gymnasts legs? I've been told my dd is "muscle bound" & this is why she has difficulty with splits. I think daily stretching would help, but I don't want to hurt her. I've recently seen coaches(from other gyms)...
  18. E

    Coaches Parents upset with stretching

    I know that I just posted in here but I have had another issue come up and wondered if I could get some advice....or maybe just some consoling from other coaches:) Tiny bit of background: Our gym has been open for about 15 months. We are in a TINY space and teach all rec classes. I have one...
  19. G

    stretching through pain

    I stretch usually about 1 to 3 hours a day, because i take several dance classes at my studio (which is connected to a gym) i find that usually by the third day my muscle are so sore that i can't stretch to my full potential, i also notice that because of this i am losing my flexibility and not...
  20. N

    stretching at the end

    at the end of your gymnastics class do you have a stretch at the end? because we dont..and we have just gotten a new conditioning plan and we did a lot of more leg work. and everyone was sore for the whole rest of the class. even the level 8's were sore. one of the level 8's is my sisters best...