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  1. Optionals United

    Tsuk Layout VS Yurchenko Layout

    Okay guys I have a question to all you smart people out there. my teammate is probably going to compete a tsuk layout next year for level 9 and told me it is only worth a 9.7 SV. while a yurchenko layout is worth a 10.0 SV. i told her i would look into it so here is my question. arent both a...
  2. stargym8

    tsuk help

    I am just starting to train my tsuk's but i want to make sure i do them right, so any sugestions or drills that may help me?
  3. G

    Tsuk Vault Help Needed!

    My dd is struggling with her tsuk. She is frustrated and she thinks her coach is frustrated with her. (which makes her more frustrated, she is a people pleaser) Her problem seems to be that she is tucking too soon. She bends her legs to tuck while she is still on the table. Being the...
  4. hawaii_gymnast

    Tips for flipping a tsuk!

    So lately at gym, i have been working on tsuk timers (half on through to back shoulder stand backwards roll) on a crash mat from vault. Today, I was told that I have plenty of time to flip, so i could try. I was to scared today (only second time working on timers). We dont have a pit, so are...
  5. kristilyn73

    Vault: Tsuk Vs Yurchenko

    I have a question regarding the thought process behind what vaults coaches teach and why. My DD is training L9. She did 2 years of L8. 1st year did a 1/2 twist on 1/2 twist off vault. Last year vault finally 'clicked' she did a Tuck Tsuk for most of the year and ended doing a Pike at state...
  6. liz93gym

    tsuk troubles.

    first post. kinda clueless. im level 8. third year. last year, got a tsuk (tucked). was getting low 9.0's all last season. i know judging got harder, but now im getting low 8.0's. at states, because of the facility i did a half on, half off, and got an 8.6. is it worth doing a tsuk? do one of...
  7. F

    Learning a Tsuk

    I have a really nice and powerful handspring vault so my coach is going to start working tsuks with me. Any tips?
  8. gym monkeys mom

    Finally a tsuk

    Just a short update DD is finally getting to compete her tsuk this weekend. once she finally statrted to do them in practice with confidence she can stand them up and everything. her coach was impressed he said they were good for a kid new to tsuking. I am so glad it seems like she has been...
  9. GetaGrip

    Tsuk Vaults?

    I was wondering how to successfully through a tsuk vault. I've practiced many times doing a 1/4 or 1/2 on then pushing off onto a mat, but I've never tried to flip on the real vault. At my old gym I used to do a lot of tsuks into the pit, but I'd always end up on my knees (this was in level 5)...
  10. G

    Tsuk Tuck Full

    Hey! Im a level 9 gymnast and working on a Tsuk Tuck Full. I nedd help any drills or advice please.
  11. S

    Parents *brag* Yeah Tsuk!!!

    DD (10) is now doing her Tsuk on to a crash mat into the pit - very exciting for her (and me too, :eek: ) - I swear I am getting more grey hairs by the day! :cool: And yet her coaches keeping telling us that while she is doing "well" - she must focus harder, put forth more effort, etc...
  12. S


    My daughter would like to know what the most important element of doing a tsuk is and any suggestions on making a consistent landing . Thanks
  13. T

    I made my tsuk!!

    Hey I finally landed my tsuk for the very first time a couple weeks ago!! I competed it on Sunday March 15, 09 and got an 8.3!!! I didn't make it then, but I got a score :vault:
  14. V

    Parents Competed tsuk

    My daughter competed her tsuk. She had a rough landing, but good height. She landed briefly on her toes then smacked her knees. I couldn't believe she actually got a score for it, but her coach said as long as she does not put her hands down it counts. 8.3 (no place) But she was thrilled to have...
  15. V

    Parents She got her tsuk!!

    My daughter just called me from practice to tell me she nailed her tsuk all by herself for the first time!!!:D I could hear everyone cheering for her!! Yippee!!Coach is letting her try it on Sun. at the meet. Let's hope she keeps it up!
  16. hawks09

    Learning yurckenko & tsuk

    To start off I am a new level 8 and our gym doess NOT have a pit. In competition right now i compete a half on full off but it scores really low and deffinatly doesnt place. I have asked my coach many times to work tsuks and yurchenkos but we never have, are there any good drills that we can do...
  17. F

    Tsuk Fairy Please!!

    I'm not sure if there's even is one, but if there is, please send it my way! I have an invite meet tomorrow and I'm going to be flipping my tusk.(even though it's not my first time, but I really would like to stand them up!:p) So if there is a tsuk fairy I would like to have it please, or even...
  18. G

    Coaches Tsuk entry??

    Hi Im having trouble w/ the round off entry on to the tabel any suggetions?? Im turing too early for the round off.
  19. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Importance (or lack thereof) of teaching a tsuk to kazamatsu-style twisters

    Up until now, I've always considered a Tsuk to be a very important step in the development of upper-level vaults. When a kid is ready to move on to something harder than a handspring, a tsuk is generally the first choice (or perhaps I should say the progression towards an eventual tsuk is...
  20. G

    tsuk or yurchenko?

    at all the meets i go to, almost all of the girls level 8 or up do yurchenko vaults... i see very, very few tsuks. just curious - why is this? if you do one of those, which one?