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    WAG Told she gained weight

    Let's say there's a gymnast. She has a healthy weight and has always had a healthy weight. She is not tiny and skinny like some, but she isn't overweight. Her coach says she noticed they are gaining weight. She also points out a few who she noticed gained some weight. We're talking a girl who...
  2. M

    WAG Power to weight ratio and/or weight to strength ratio

    I often wondered when gymnasts reach their peak gymnastically and/or at what age can one determine the maximum potential of a gymnast. Studies have shown that the physical peak for most humans are 23-35 (average I got from various studies). Men peak a little later then women. This peak...
  3. D


    Hello! This is a question about weight! 1. Do you ever get pressured about your weight for gymn (by coaches other gymnasts parents) 2. Have you ever been told to lose weight 3. Do you have been/know anyone who is in gymn that has an eating disorder (belimia anerexia) (im not saying all...