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  1. R

    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    Hi all I'm new, been following this forum for a while and like the sound advice given! I have 3 daughters in gymnastics. I hope I'm allowed to post about this topic; remove it if not. Middle daughter (MD) is 13 and a level 10. She has been going through puberty this past year and her body has...
  2. T

    WAG Weight Gain and how to "address" it with DD

    Hey, DD is level 10 senior who has put on a significant amount of weight. I am NOT saying she is fat. She is not. She is muscle. That said, her eating habits are horrible these days, which IS playing a factor. Any suggestions on how to handle this delicate subject with a teenage young...
  3. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Strength to body weight ratio

    I have seen this multiple times on here, but what would be the ideal Strength to body weight ratio? Is there a formula for this? Just curious
  4. rosiekat

    For Parents Picky eater, losing weight

    Over the last 6 months, DS (8.5) has actually lost a few ounces. He definitely doesn't eat enough, and he's both a picky eater and on ADHD meds. He won't eat things with any kind of combined texture. "Protein bites" don't get touched, even if he picks out the ingredients. And because he's a...
  5. S

    WAG Strength for kids with low strength to body weight ratios

    I have a couple of kids that are a little heavier than most competitive gymnasts and are very weak in the upper body as well. The combination has been frustrating for us both, primarily in that they are weak on bars and my efforts to condition them haven't been all that successful. They suffer...
  6. twocurlygirlz

    For Parents 8 Year Olds- Height/Weight/Level

    Was wondering if there is a correlation between height/weight/level- specifically for 8 year olds- was hoping everyone would participate-here's mine: 8- just turned 8 53 lbs 45inches Level- xp/6 wonder if height at this age might correlate to level proficiency/ability
  7. onelittledream

    OT Weight Training

    DD is not at the level ( I think) where formal weight training is needed to improve perfomance. They do use wrist,ankle, tie on weights (very small ones for her) during some conditioning. But I did hear today, while picking up from open gym, some other mothers talking about going to the weight...
  8. M

    WAG high reps with no weight or less reps with weight

    DD is very strong and loves to condition. She is always challenging herself by trying to increase her numbers. Some of her current numbers are 100 v ups and 83 dips on parallel bars. Then last weeks she decided to add a weight vest to some of her conditioning. Of courses the number or reps...
  9. E

    MAG supporting the tall / fast growing / otherwise strength to weight challenged

    If a child is told to do extra conditioning and body-weight type skill work (v-sit, press handstand, etc) at home in L5 ... Assuming 3 day a week training with either 1 or 2 days off between each workout. If doing extra, is it best to do extra conditioning (in excess of what the group is...
  10. Uglybetty

    WAG Weight v height - is this normal?

    My 9.5 yrs DD's training ramped up to 9 hours (from one) around 5 months ago. She trains at an elite HPC gym in the uk. They do a LOT of conditioning and uptraining each session. She has always, always been on the 23rd centile on the growth charts (both for height and weight). I just checked...
  11. momofthreegirls

    For Coaches Spin-off on weight thread in parent forum

    Coaches - I am in my 2nd year of coaching, and I currently coach preteam (girls training the new L3). The girls range in age from 5-12. Last week one of the 10-year-old girls on the team asked me "Do you think I'm fat?" Her question threw me for a loop, and I didn't know how to answer...
  12. L

    WAG Told she gained weight

    Let's say there's a gymnast. She has a healthy weight and has always had a healthy weight. She is not tiny and skinny like some, but she isn't overweight. Her coach says she noticed they are gaining weight. She also points out a few who she noticed gained some weight. We're talking a girl who...
  13. M

    WAG Power to weight ratio and/or weight to strength ratio

    I often wondered when gymnasts reach their peak gymnastically and/or at what age can one determine the maximum potential of a gymnast. Studies have shown that the physical peak for most humans are 23-35 (average I got from various studies). Men peak a little later then women. This peak...
  14. M

    WAG Weight/height/bars connection?

    I heard something recently: that shorter, lighter girls sometimes have trouble getting good swinging momentum on bars. Do you think this is true?
  15. G

    OT Olympic weight lifting UK

    please pm me if you can advise want specific area advise only want to discuss privately
  16. D

    WAG Strength to Weight Ratio

    I have a question for coaches about strenth to weight ratio and body type. My DD is 8 y.o. (will turn 9 in Dec.), weighs about 70 lbs. I am not positive about her height. At her check up last year she was 4'1. I think she has probably grown another inch, at least. Anyway, she has very, very...
  17. G


    Is it true that gymastics is easier when you way less?? im not fat or overweight or even at risk of being over weigh but i could definently some. Does a lighter frame make gymnastics easier??? any ideas are great. also, what are healthy ways to slim down?? thx!;)
  18. M

    weight training

    Do gymnasts train with weights? If so, what age do they usually start. I'm just curious.
  19. G

    What is a healthy weight for a gymnast?

    i want to know what a healthy weight is for gymnasts
  20. A

    For Coaches what level do YOU think coaches should start weighing, or talking about weight...

    ...to their team girls? if you are a coach, or you have a coach that DOES talk about weight, or weigh their gymnasts, what level did it start at for you? im just curious what the average is, because i personally think it would be very tough to ask a gymnast to maintain or even lose weight. i...