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  1. M

    WAG Round Off, Should I flick the wrist?

    During the gymnastics round off, should a person "flick the wrist" like they are kind of doing a basketball shot? This is also done with the "shoulder shrug pop" to get a lift from the ground. One of my coaches told me to flick wrist, just curious if this is standard practice? Everyone has...
  2. T

    For Parents Gym types and sore wrists

    Sorry, I have to seperate questions. My 7.5 yr old is on preteam and on track to start Xcel bronze in the spring. She currently attends 4 hrs of gym/Wk and practices maybe 1-2 hrs/week at home. Question 1 is regarding gym types. Admittedly I don't know much about gym but I'm concerned with how...
  3. L

    For Parents Wrist bands/DRYBands question

    My 8yo DD was just moved into her first pair of grips by her coach. Firstly, her pride in this moment is so precious:) Secondly, she finds the terry wrist bands that came with the pair very itchy and uncomfortable. She may get used to them, but she is one of those kids who cuts out tags, is...
  4. K

    WAG The Wrist Shift-HELP!

    I am 30 years old and compete in the AAU ladies division Xcel Gold/Platinum. I used to do gymnastics as a child, so the skills I am working on are not new...just re-learning. Currently, I do a kip cast handstand for my B requirement, but we are trying to work B circling elements now. I have been...
  5. cdngym mom

    For Parents Wrist bruising-

    My daughter has been using grips and straps for about 3 year and recently has been coming home with burning pain and dark purple marks. She uses wrist bands and dry bands with them. Has anyone else had this problem, not sure what to do?
  6. L

    WAG Another question about gymnast wrist

    My 10 year old is supposed to do level 8 this season. In another post, I mentioned she was diagnosed with bilateral gymnast wrist. She had a hard cast on one wrist due to a healing stress fracture. We had her follow up and got the cast off. The ortho cleared her to go back to bars. No back...
  7. Jessleemom

    WAG Gymnast wrist - what's next?

    My daughter is training level 4 and 10 years old. We've been fighting gymnast wrist since September of last year. The first time she was casted/then braced. She took about 6 weeks off then worked on a slow return to full activity with a physical therapist. Pain returned about 2 months after...
  8. M

    Gymnastics exercises with wrist injuries?

    Hello all, I am a 25m who just started gymnastics for the very first time with my S.O. I have never done anything remotely close to gymnastics before. We started at a gym a few weeks ago. I got really excited and injured my wrists by trying too many handstands...every day. My wrists are now...
  9. Jessleemom

    WAG Wrist pain?

    My 9 year old level 3 came home from practice tonight complaining of wrist pain. She said she was unable to tumble in class. That when her hands hit the floor her left wrist hurt and a tingling went up her arm. This started at last practice apparently but was worse today. Would you rush to the...
  10. M

    WAG Can a gymnast be successful after gymnast wrist

    My daughter was diagnosed with gymnast wrist. Is this the end of her gymnast career? She is young, only 8. She is training level 7. Looking past the fact that this will take her out of training for 2-3 months, I fear she will not be able to sustain a gymnastics career based on things I have...
  11. C

    WAG Shifting wrists in free hips?

    Hello, I am struggling so much with my free hips. I get around, but my wrists get caught under the bar because I can’t figure out how to shift. I think that I dont do it enough or maybe at the wrong time. I cant get the hang of it and was wondering if anyone had any tips?
  12. kimute

    WAG Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    My poor unlucky girl injured the growth plate in her wrist and thumb at a meet Saturday. Now she is three weeks in a wrist and thumb cast, five weeks until states. Coach, Dr. (who is hand specialist for our local college team), and DD all think she will compete at states. 12 yo L. 8. She had...
  13. M

    WAG Wrist pain after injury

    Hi, does anyone have experience with prolong wrist pain after a stress reaction in the wrist. My daughter hurt her wrist 8 weeks ago and it was confirmed a stress reaction via MRI. She still is not back in Gym because she is still having wrist pain while tumbling and doing anything that...
  14. M

    For Parents Finally some answers- wrist injury

    You may have seen some of my posts about my DD's wrist injury. It started in March with some pretty bad pain in her wrist mostly on BHS. She worked through it to get to state and I let her as she had already sat out 6+ months with OCD in her elbow last year (same arm!). Took her to the ortho...
  15. N

    For Parents Gymnast wrist recovery

    New here, but would like to hear anyone else's experience with recovering from gymnast's wrist (distal radial epiphysitis). My daughter (L8 last season, trying for L9 this summer until this came up) was diagnosed with bilateral gymnast's wrist. The right is mild while the left is severe, with...
  16. S

    WAG Dorsal Wrist Impingement

    Hi, Does anyone has experience with dorsal wrist impingement syndrome? We’ve been working with doctors for 7 months to uncover the root of our daughter’s wrist pain on the back of her hand, thumb side while in extension/hyperextenison (done cast, brace, PT, OT, acupuncture, chiropractor, deep...
  17. M

    WAG Growth Plate Wrist Injury

    Does anyone have any experience with a stress fracture on the growth plate on the radius? My dd is on week 8 of healing from this. She was in a brace for 3 weeks, in a cast for 4 weeks, and now back to a brace during activity only for 2 more weeks. She has just been out of the cast for a...
  18. S

    WAG Wrist support rubbing

    Hi everyone I'm a beginner adult gymnast and I've just had some panda paws (tiger paws) wrist supports as I have a ganglion cyst. The problem I have is they rub terribly against my knuckles. Does anyone know how I can prevent this? Thanks
  19. S

    For Parents Wrist injury

    I did do a search, but I also decided to start a new thread to ask for any insights regarding gymnast wrist. You can PM me or respond here. My daughter just got an X-ray this week and the results show widening at the growth place of the distal radius, and possibly a fracture. She’s going to get...
  20. k2bdeutmeyer

    For Parents Wrist bands for tiny wrists

    Has anybody found a specific wrist band for under grips that works well for exceptionally tiny wrists? My daughter is a level 5 gymnast, but is TINY.....she's only 63lbs and any wrist bands I've found thus far just slide around on her wrists. She prefers longer ones for strap bar. Any...