Back Limber Advice and/or Tips, Please!

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I always get stuck a little ways before the handstand position when I do a back limber. Am I not leaning back over my wrists enough? I know I have trouble controlling wobbles in my back/torso. That could be a problem when I'm trying to get out of the arched position to a straight, hollow hanstand. But I can do front limbers OK so all I have to do is reverse that to do a back limber right?
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I have a nervous reflex problem and I'm just not used to the required muscle movements yet.
Feb 3, 2009
There's a good drill my coach made us do to strengthen the kick from a backbend position. Get into a backbend and have a spotter support your hips to aid you if it's needed. In that position, alternately kick your legs trying to get off the mat, kinda like running in place. It's very hard at first but will really strengthen the butt and legs over time. When you do the back limber always push the floor with your arms and shoulders after you push off with your feet. A back limber isn't all lower body action. Also, really work on strengthening your lower abdominal muscles because they play a big role too. Shoulder flexibility is also important. These are some things to consider. Work hard and in time you'll get that back limber!
I wouldn't say that a back limber is exactly the reverse of a front limber, but it sounds like you have the idea of how it is supposed to work. I have my gymnasts do two things to get their limber. The first is to do it with their feet on a raised surface. It forces the gymnast to use more muscle to pull the feet over because you can't use the momentum of going down into the backbend. Then, they do bridge rocks (lift hands up, lift feet up, lift hands, lift feet...) until they are able to get their feet about 3/4 of the way to the handstand. That drill not only helps with some of the muscles necessary for a back limber, it also helps with shoulder flexibility. Once they can do those things, they try the limber from standing.

I hope that you get it soon!
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