exercises for arms muscles and lats for learning kips

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Oct 26, 2007
My DD is trying to learn her kip. Her coach says that she isn't strong enough to do this skill yet and said she needs lat strength. She wants to get stronger but when I looked on the internet for exercises all that I could find were with weight equipment. I have some therabands at home she can use and was wondering if anybody knew some good exercises that will develop this lat strength.
Feb 3, 2009
Have your DD lay on the floor on her back with arms stretched out over her head holding the therabands. Make sure the therabands are attached to something sturdy that will not move when she pulls on the bands. Have her pull the therabands with straight arms towards her hips. The number of repetitions can vary according to her strength and endurance level. A good start would be 7-10 reps. Do 7-10 reps, three times, with a small rest in between.


I get gymnasts to stand on a block with bar above or at shoulder height and then jump to front support with straight arms. If you have a chin up bar at home which adjusts to a lower level this could be done at home depending on height of DD.


Pullups and dips. It really is that simple.

The theraband push/pulls besides the straight arm support from a jump from ground or stem rise on PB is good and all but it really is a matter of pullup and dip strength.

I've heard some coaches say simply learn how to muscle-up. If they are strong enough to muscle-up they have more than enough pull and push strength to kip.

Doing full ROM skin the cats are good besides working tuck/ball planche and push/pullls.

Push-pulls. Get a swiss ball or barrel. Hold either parallettes or a floor bar though heavy DB help anchor to the floor but you don't need them.

Lean forward with your shoulders over your hands as far as you can and hold for 3-5 seconds. Then push back till your body extends as far out as possible. Then pull back to planche.

Those ab wheels of death work a similar motion.
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