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  1. Korbut1974

    WAG Running, weights, and age

    My dd is 7.5 and level 4. She is small and light, but very flexible. She also has great upper body strength but struggles with the power for vault and tumbling. She has been asking to run and to use weights to strengthen her legs at home. I have tried looking up information but it’s so confusing...
  2. K

    Parents Age for ankle weights?

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on using ankle weights for gymnastics training and conditioning? My daughter is 8 years old (9 in a few months) and has been asking me for ankle weights for a little while now as some of the girls on her...
  3. JBS

    WAG Strength Training With Weights

    Any girls teams out there weight training. I am looking to start weight training with some athletes and wondering if anyone has any tips? Been looking at some of Ellie Blacks posts...
  4. Aero

    Coaches Specific uses for ankle weights on uneven bars.

    So, I've been mulling around the idea of using ankle weights on bars in a select few scenarios. I wanted to see what you guys have all personally had experience with. So, the first scenario would be to aid gymnasts training cast handstands with the legs together technique. I was thinking it...
  5. R

    Parents Ankle weights during beam training?

    So I watched practice for the first time in a month, and I noticed that DD and her teammates are wearing ankle weights during beam practice now. DD is 8, and a L2 moving up to L3. I am concerned about long-term injuries due to extra wear-and-tear and curious about the use of the weights. For...
  6. D

    WAG Does your child's/gym's conditionning program include the use of weights?

    ....I remember starting doing nautilus weights at age 10 for a completely different sport. Currently, my child's gym uses ankle and wrist weights, no free weights, etc, in their conditioning program. My friend's child in a neighboring state uses free weights, but no ankle or wrist weights...no...
  7. D

    WAG Ankle weights

  8. D

    WAG Ankle weights on bars...

    Are ankle weights ok on bars for a teen girl? For resistance on kips, casts, etc. Some people say it has to be above the knee weights...but what for bars? You can't use wrist weights. Is that ok? Will it do further damage to my already bad shin splints?
  9. 2gymnastand1soccerplayer

    Parents Rant about ankle weights and vault

    A little background, I have 2 dd's in gym, my oldest being 17 and my younger one being 7. My older dd currently level 7 and my younger dd just got picked to join the pre optional group ( they train with the optionals but compete the level they are at, so she competes level 4, but they do a lot...
  10. proud-gym-mom

    WAG Wrist and/or Ankle weights?

    I'm not a coach but am interested in how many coaches have their girls practice with wrist or ankle weights and why/why not. I'm not talking about anything very heavy, maybe 1 lb weights on each wrist or ankle. Especially on bars and floor. I love DD's coach and she uses these sometimes and it...
  11. K

    WAG Tucks with ankle weights?

    I am usually not a fan of training with weights in general, if you are a L1-L8, because there are so many hard exercises you can do with your own bodyweihht. (for higher levels it might help very well). Anyways, I have been using ankle weights only for squat jumps, some straddle and split jumps...
  12. Libby's gym mom

    Ankle weights

    My dd has been told by her coach to do extra stretches and lifts ,wearing her ankle weights . She is 7 and wears 0.5kg dd says they're too light ?? Should I go heavier ?
  13. kaloss

    Parents Ankle weights?

    I just got an email from my daughter's coach that she wants everyone to bring tennis shoes and ankle weights for summer conditioning. They want to take the girls on runs when the weather allows to help increase their endurance for next season (longer floor and bar routines). Dd is 6 and just...
  14. B

    WAG Another Question about Ankle Weights

    I’ve seen a lot of discussion here about the dangers of ankle weights and the stress they can put on the knees/hip flexors. I just had a question about a particular exercise: I’ve seen a few different gyms use a drill where the gymnast sits in a pike or stag and taps her foot against the...
  15. G

    WAG Ankle Weights During Vault

    My 9 yr DD has been complaining about foot pain. Her coaches have been making her vault with her weights on. Could this be a cause of the foot pain. It seems common sense that vaulting with weights on would be counter productive.
  16. gymgurl

    WAG Are ankle weights ever okay

    with all the talk of ankle weights and the hazards and possibility of injury, it makes me wonder are they ever okay to use or are the risks just two high? I've also heard that it's to do with growth plates so does that mean once you are finished growing ankle weights are safe to use? Maybe Dunno...
  17. pinklemonadeliz

    WAG Ankle Weights for all workouts

    My 11y/o dd's coach has recently started making the girls wear 5lb ankle weights during all of their workouts (3 practices per week, 3hrs each) - her back is starting to bother her & I'm wondering if it's because of the weights. I've heard it's not good to wear them that much but wanted...
  18. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Question about ankle weights

    In another thread someone asked about uptraining and also asked about ankle weights, and Bog and a couple of others said no weights at this age. I wanted to start another thread just on the topic of weights. DD has been at 2 different gyms and even from age 6 at the other gym the girls wore...
  19. N

    How do you feel about ankle weights?

    I have always heard and read that they were bad for kids from an injury standpoint. DD used them for conditioning at her old gym, just 1.5lbs per leg. Today DD worked on her floor routine and they had her use them to work on her leap and split jump. OMG what a difference it made. Still I've...
  20. B

    Do you already lifted weights?

    Sometimes we bet who can lift more. It's funny