For Parents Last L6 meet report.....I promise

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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Congrats, Elizabeth! I hope you have come to realize what an amazing accomplishment it is to be state floor champ and come in 5th out of 65 at level 6!! You are an amazing gymnast, so graceful out there. We love watching your videos. You will do great at level 7!!!


Thanks everyone, I just wanted to let you gals know that it only took Elizabeth a few days to get over her disappointment and she's once again back to her usual enthusiastic self.

The L6 team fielded three state champs, 1 floor & 2 beam, and with only 7 girls finished 3rd in the state competing against some much larger teams. They worked hard all season and it really showed by the time states rolled around.

Everyone's been back in the gym for a week now and they all seem relaxed and look like they're having a great time. The three girls got to perform their state championship routines on festival day and they all looked like they were super excited to be recognized by the gym as state champs.

now.... she will venture into the catty world of the optional girls and parents. Hopefully they will be supportive, we'll see.....:rolleyes:


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
So glad to hear Elizabeth & her team mates got some recognition for their accomplishments! A state champ win at L6 is much to be proud of!!! And 3rd place team is(as Tony the Tiger would say...) Grrreat!!!:D Now onto optionals!!! I have to say I think optionals is less catty at our gym. Except for 1 mom who has always been an issue, but I've learned to ignore her:uninvolved:(took me a while though). Hope your optionals are a nice, supportive bunch! I'm sure Elizabeth will have a beautiful optional floor routine, can't wait to see it! Good luck!


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
Wonderful that Elizabeth gets to be publicly proud of her acheivments. I imagine moving on to L7 skills will be a lot of fun and it seems some of her team will be moving up with her. I expect some fabulous bars from her!


Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this post, we've been out of town.

Team Dad, your dd is just lovely. What a beautiful gymnast she is. I am so happy for her that she has a 1st Place State Title on Floor-something she will always cherish and that no one can take away from her. In your pics she had some awesome casts on bars and she should be proud of that. My dd went form being L5 Bar champ to out-right 'biting it' at L6 Bars, lol.

Congrats and best wishes as she moves forward to the land of optionals. Keep us posted. :)
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