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Jan 27, 2009
myrtle beach
My DD is L7-L8, if injury heals, fingers crossed. My question is, do your kids go nuts when they have time off from the gym. DD trains about 20 hours per week. I should tell you she has an extreme case of ADHD with a little OCD. She is on meds from this and does extremely well as long as she can burn off that excess energy at the gym. Problem is, she has a cast on now and only trains 2-3 hours instead of the full time because of the injury. She beggs her coaches to let her stay or she volunteers at the gym to work with the younger campers. When the gym is closed or there is no volunteer work available, she drives me completely nuts. It is like she does not know what to do with herself unless it is gym related. I work from home because of my kids busy schedule, so when she is not at the gym she is constantly bugging me to death. Does anyone else have this problem? It seems unhealty that she so identifies her whole world with being at the gym. Just wanted to know if any of you had suggestions as to why this is and what I can do about it so I can get some work done.
Nov 5, 2007
Yes my daughter could drive me crazy too if she does not go to gym for various reasons.
She does not have ADHD and still has to burn off more Energy even after 22 hrs/wk in the gym.She does alot of other things like ride bike,jump on the tramp etc.Maybe you can find some things she can do outside the gym.It is hard I know since that is mostly what they know.Is their any other activities that are being offered in your town she can do ?Like an art class?
Hope she heals up fast.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Mine is the same way and does not have ADHD. Its almost like an addiction for them. I notice after about 36 hours out of the gym, she's climbing the walls, she'll get moody---of course the moodiness may also come from the age(just turned 13).

Right now, she's gotten into some crafts and may start making some things to sell, so that seems to give her something to do during "down time" from gym. Of course, then I see her on the computer leaving messages for her teammates on their Facebook pages----even coaches from Lake Owen, so I guess she is never really "away" from the gym.
Jan 31, 2009
When my children start to bug me (doesn't matter whether it is my gymmie - who spends 40 hrs a week at gym, or my son) I give them extra chores. Bored - go vacuum your room. Can't think of anything to do - the bathroom needs cleaning. They learned quickly to find things to do on their own:D
And I do what my mother did - go outside an play!!!

Of course, they have become so good at entertaining themselves that I sometimes can't get them back to do the things they should do - like their school work (we home-school - and no, we do not take the summer off. we just do a little less.)


My DD would be at the gym 24/7 if I let her but she has other activities she does. She is a girl scout so in the summer months there is troop camping and outdoor activities.

When our gym girls are in a cast they are there for the whole practice and work on conditioning for other parts of the body. so if its an arm injury then legs and abs are the focus if its a foot or leg issue then abs again and arm are the focus. The coaches will have a workout routine ready for these girls. Also they work with the Physical Therapist of any injured girl as well and will always have something that the PT wants done "at home" done at the gym.


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Jan 4, 2008
Some kids who do a lot of gym find it difficult to fill their time outside of the gym. They are so used to having a really really busy, and really really structured life, they don't know what to do when they have free time.

I am surprised her coaches have her in the gym for such a small amount of time when she is injured. If we have a kid in a cast they can be in the gym full time doing their usual training schedule. There are so many things they can do. If the cast is on their arm there is flexibility, conditioning, leg and stomach strength, leg speed training, leaps, jumps, turns, dance and so on. If its on their leg then there is flexibility, arm strength, mid body strength, handstand work, modified bar work and so on.

Why not ask her coaches to have her in training more, it is safer for her to be in training more anyway. If she takes too much time off her body will struggle to return to the full training schedule and she will be more likely to be injured again. She needs to maintain her strength and flexibility to avoid this.

The OCD won't help either, those with a combination of ADHD and OCD tend to become obsessed with a few interests. This is why your daughter is so obsessed with gym and is simply incapable of finding anything to do outside of it. Perhaps you could indulge her interests in other ways. Get some gymnastics DVD's, books, magazine, find some websites, take her to some elite or level 10 or college meets to watch and enjoy.

gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
My DD just spent 6 weeks off of the gym due to injury also.

This being said she did however go to practice everyday her teammates did and for the whole practice. She had a double wrist injury of the growth plates. She spent her 6 weeks doing conditioning and let me tell you she was probably bored but her coach had a huge list for her of things to do. Her 1 coach also doesnt care if they whinne she ownt listen so they dont.

She is now very passionate about getting her skills for level 8 and is very stong because of the arm, ad and leg conditioning she has done for 6 weeks. She also worked hard on the dance for her floor routine.

Ask her coaches to let her come to practice and then they need to keep her busy during that time condittioning and stuff like that.

Best wishes she will make it out the other side and probably be a stronger gymnast for it.
Jan 22, 2008
Condition and more conditioning. Anytime we have a gymnast injured they attend practice the same and they work on conditioning or flexibility. I would talk to her coaches and see what they can work into her training. If she conditions she will be ready to return with little missed.


Is there a reason why she can't be at the gym longer--even if it's just conditioning? I know that's what our team girls do when they're injured. And my standard response to a child who bugs me because they're bored is to assign a chore too LOL! Works wonders.
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