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ACK! Rayna came home from gym last night and told me that her floor and beam routines have both been changed, as well as her settings on the bars. WHY????? She's ok with it, says she'll just have to think a bit more when competing, but I'm worried for her. I thought the whole point of the hours of practice was so there would be no thought required. You know, just get up and do beautifully, on auto-pilot.

Anyone had this happen before? I can't help but think that it'll effect her competition.

Canandian gym mom
Feb 26, 2007
Bars I get, maybe she jumps so hard she will catch better with the bars further apart. My little one had this issue at her last meet, the bars were too close together and she was too close to the bars when she caught, affected her swing afterward.

Beam and floor maybe to include an extra skill, she is very strong already, maybe they want her to upgrade.

Her comp is very close though, does make you wonder why now when they could have done it three weeks ago.

Little DD is changing her beam routine mount, but she has two weeks to get it in her head. I am sure Rayna will do fine if the changes are minor.

The worst thing that'll happen is she forgets and does the same routine as before and still gets a great score.:D
Aug 3, 2007
My gymie has changed her beam routine a little bit with every meet. She's actually working in skills that she wasn't sure about before to increase her start value. Also, as she practices, she finds new ways to make her skills flow. As far as floor, she's changed a few minor things after viewing the video but not much since the routine was choreographed and it flows nicely with the music.
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