WAG Trinity Thomas 2.5 Twist To Double Layout

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It would be nice if all recruits had the luxury of waiting until their senior year to decide on what scholarship/ program/ school was best for them...I think that's what the new regs are attempting to have happen but when schools continue to verbal 8th graders without penalty, I don't see it happening except for the National Team type kids.
UMMMMM, WHAT?! :eek: o_O

This is ridiculous. This is an incredible tumbling pass, and historically, to my knowledge, there has been no one who has ever competed this pass! I literally spent five minutes studying this video in slow motion.

For all the coaches and physics/technique nerds out there, here's what I've noticed:
  • Her atypical hurdle technique.
  • The wide arm position on the first round-off in order to allow her center of mass to travel further, faster, allowing for a steeper blocking angle on her 2 ½ step-out.
  • The smooth transition into the next round-off, which uses a narrower arm position. This creates more block and facilitates a more aggressive, scooped snap down which flows right into the proceeding back handspring.
  • The aggressive and powerful transition to an incredibly dynamic arched position when contacting the ground for the double layout in order to generate the required angular momentum to complete such a crazy skill.
Again, WOW. :eek: She's been doing the 2 ½ step-out for some time now, but to add a DOUBLE LAYOUT as the concluding skill!!! I'm just at a loss for words!
Not open for further replies.