CRAZY but STUNNING bars routines!!!

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I saw these routines on the BBC highlights of the European champs, and they're phenomenal...

this Italian girl's dismount is crazy!!! (this was at worlds but its the same routine)

Beth Tweddle has a Fvalued skill!!!!

Oh, and Vanessa Ferrari's changed her floor routine. I don't like it as much, she doesn't dance as much. But its still good.
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For some reason, the videos aren't showing up? :confused:

I saw Vanessa's FX, though. The one where it has the Opera-ish singer? Hmm. That's sure to strike some controversy.
They're working now, sorry!!!

I thought that about the music too.... does the opera (or whatever it is) it count as lyrics?
Well that's what I've been told by folks on another gymnastics board. Thus Venessa Ferarri's new routine:

I don't know if I would really call it vocals. I mean I know it is a human voice, but it is not really words / lyrics. It seems more like music to me than vocals. But I am certainly no expert :D
Right it's not lyrics, but it's a vocal because it's a human voice. I think the previous rule was no human voice, even if it was making a trombone sound or an animal sound or whatever. I don't know of any other international gymnasts using music like this. I think it's pretty distracting, so I'm guessing most others will stay away from it. IDK maybe I'm just being an old stick in the mud. Why in my day, we could only have a single instrument and we were thankful. ;)
Okay, so I'm getting more curious about this change. The newest version of the code available on the FIG website (Jan. 07) still lists music with voice as a 1.0 deduction, so I can't figure out where the new rule is. I'm wondering if it allows lyrics, or just voice used sort of as an instrument. Does anyone know?
one of my teammates used to do that exact same bar dismount--she stole it from the boys' team.

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