Dani's 3rd Meet REPORT & VIDEO

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Hi All! Just wanted to give you all a quick rundown of Dani's meet that she had today. Overall, she had a good solid meet :). She had 3 personal best scores today on beam, floor and AA!! She also had a few changes to some of the routines. On bars she added another kip to the high bar, on beam she replaced the straight jump with a beat jump (the straight jump has now been devalued), and on floor she took out her handstand pirrouette and added a semi press handstand that she front walks out of.

There were 16 girls in her age group (I think).

BARS: I thought this was a pretty good routine. She made both kips but almost fell back on her squat on. She saved it though (must be all that cheer flying experience :p). Some minor leg separations, but good solid routine.
SCORE: 8.15 - 9th place

BEAM: Pretty solid routine with a few bobbles and she left out her free stretch because she had a bit of hesitation on her leg hold. Coach says if this happens and you feel uneasy, just leave out the free stretch and continue. Good thinking on the fly Dani!
SCORE: 8.90 - 5th place - Personal Best :D

FLOOR: This routine is looking better and better!! She is getting so close on her ROBHS and she is really "owning" this routine. I think the press to a hanstand looks a lot better than her pirouette in previous rouitnes.
SCORE: 8.20 - Personal Best :D

VAULT: Well, she still balked on one vault but like always managed to squeak out a good solid one. The video is a bit blurry but her legs were sooo straight in this vault!
SCORE: 8.50 - 4th place

ALL-AROUND SCORE: 33.75 - Personal Best :D

Here is the video. It has a Valentine's Day theme :)

YouTube - MDL Columbia Gymnastics Meet #3
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Awesome job, Dani! Those kips are looking really nice, you can tell she's been working really hard on that. I love her beam and floor routines, especially how she smiles at the judges on beam. It takes a lot of confidence to manage a smile up there! She should be very proud of herself for those great scores!
I love her routines. So much fun. She owns that beam doesn't she. full of confidence. I can't believe how many skills she has for the hours she does. Fantastic! And lovely kips.
Dani has come so far in such a short span of time!!! Keep it up Dani you are doing a great job!!! I love the big smile during the beam routine:D!!!
I love her routines! She has such great presentation and a wonderful smile. Not to mention, she is incredibly flexible! Wow! Also agree about the kips - they look really great! Congrats to Dani on a fantastic meet. She has improved by leaps and bounds.

Congrats Dani! I love the confidence you have on beam! I also really enjoyed your floor routine the press handstand walk out looks cool. My fave is how you show how flexible you are with all 3 splits! Great job!
I thought she did great! I can't believe they do the running man on the beam and the floor. Brings me back some memories of high school. Your daughter did great...you should be proud!
Dani looks great! I love her bars. She is like a cat with her balance. Awesome save on the squat on. It looks like she doesn't need the spot on the backhandspring. Yeah!
I too am impressed by the smiling on the beam! She is the happiest gymnast I know!!!:) Great job, Dani! Your kips are looking awesome too!
She's really coming along w/her skills! Her kips have REALLY improved a LOT! I LOVE her confidence and all of her smiles! I wish I could get Katy to wmile when she does her routines! It's really great to see a happy gymnast!

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