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  1. H

    WAG Concur my fears

    Hey everyone! I am only been doing gymnastics for three weeks and realized I am often scared especially because I witnessed some people hurt themselves while doing gymnastics. I'm mostly afraid of the beam. When I'm on it I just don't think straight and can't do anything right. It's makin me so...
  2. L

    WAG HELP NEEDED - Beam Fears!!

    I really need some advice on DDs beam fears. Quick background...she is training for level 6. Just finished level 5 and had a solid year. Beam used to be her best event! She never missed a catwheel, has a handstand to vertical and can hold before landing. She even can do the level 6 dismount with...
  3. SuperGirlmlm

    OT Getting Over Fears Thread!!

    I know there are threads about a certain skill, but I thought I'd start a thread about getting over fears in general. I'll start:) For those of you that like to think skills through... Visualize- See yourself doing the skill, how does if feel? Break it down- focus on one thing at a time. ex...
  4. B

    WAG vault fears

    for a while i have been scared to do my fronthandspring vault and i don`t` know how to get over the fear i can do drills fine and with a spot about 99% of the time but if i know they aren`t spotting me i get scared and don`t go for it. all my coaches tell me i have an amazing vault so idk why i...
  5. G

    Leap Fears!

    One of my daughters is doing level 4 this year, but is having really bad leap fears. She will do them good on a low beam but once she goes on a high beam her leap has almost no air time. It is hard to explain but she basicall steps and slides that foot back and replaces it with the other one...
  6. S


    i am a level 5 trying to move up to level 6. i have had my backwalkover on beam before but will not currently go for it after falling several times. i will not go for it without a mat and a coach's spot right now. any suggestions on how to get over this fear?:confused:
  7. H

    Fears Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey! so i'm a level six optional gymnast in the E.A.G.L.E.S. Prep-Op program. I start competition in about a month and I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for getting over fears. I have three.... 1. Front Handspring Front Tuck: I can do it into a pit but as soon as I hit the floor I...
  8. G

    Backhandspring fears

    Well about 2 months ago i severly broke 2 fingers doing a simple round-off bhs. after about 3 weeks i was back in the gym. 2 weeks ago we started standing bhs and round-off bhs. I have never had very solid standing bhs with a swing it was better without (i was going to start bhs on beam right...
  9. L

    Parents Last Meet before States....still struggling with Vault Fears

    Well, last one before states....better than last week but still terrified of vault...Any IDEAS? Can't wait to put level 5 in the rear view mirror!! YouTube - Classics Sophia April 2011
  10. han_<3_fcgc

    Vaulting Fears

    Okay so this year i got moved into level 5 state gymnastics (Australia), and the vault we have to compete in a handspring-to-feet (or handstand vault). I can do this skill to flatback with ease, but when it gets to actually doing it, I just run up the the vault, slow down and don't go over...
  11. J

    Successful management of gymnasts with fears

    I was curious about how different gyms/coaches/gymnasts manage fears... I would imagine that at some point in every gymnast's training there will come a point where they will be fearful of some skill or event. I am curious to know how these fears can be successfully managed so that the...
  12. G

    Parents Self Help Hypnosis for fears

    Has anyone ever heard of this guy or used any of his self help training CD's? And has anyone had any success at all? Gymnastics Self Hypnosis, Backhandsprings Tumbling Reverse Fear, Success Belief mp3 Free subliminal My grandaughter is really struggling (as many gymnasts do) with her BHS's...
  13. D

    Parents overcoming fears

    How have your gymnasts been able to overcome fears? DD is having a huge block on BWO on BB. We've been through others in the past, but this is worse. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions beyond the time and repetition method. Thanks for any insight.
  14. V

    How to get over fears.

    Recently I lost my roundoff backhandspring backtuck and now I am scared to do it onto the floor. I'll do it with a spot, into the resi pit, and even on the tumble track. What can I do to get over the fear of it again.
  15. mariposa

    Great article/website for fears and gymnastics

    Overcoming Performance Fears and Blocks - Gymnastics | Competitive Advantage: Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness This site seems to provide similar services as Doc Ali does, just a different Doc. Lots of great information on the site for gymnastics and lots of other sports. There is...
  16. S

    Beam Fears

    I recently started teaching some preschool classes and cannot believe how many kids are afraid of the high beam and even the medium height one. I want them to be exposed to it since I have kids in my older classes who are still scared, having never been exposed as a young gymnast. What do you do...
  17. GikiGirl

    Fears You Have Overcome

    I thought it would be cool to talk about a fear you might have had that you managed to overcome. I know I deal w/ fear issues where physically I can do a skill but the fear gets in the way. Not only is it motivating to see that others have overcome a fear, but we also may be able to pick up...
  18. gymgal

    Parents newbie competition fears! help!

    dd, 7, is going into her first competition year and is very anxious about the competitions. She tells me it's the judges - what if she scores bad, falls off, etc. DD is not usually like this. She loves the yearly recitals and 2 yrs ago when she was on an in-house team, she did great with the...
  19. hunde2

    Parents Fears

    I know this topic has come up before.I feel bad for my daughter.She will be 10 in a couple of days and competed Level 7 last year.She did pretty good at State.She is training for Level 8 and had all her tumbling on floor.She does Fronthandspring Frontwhip Fronttuck or pike,she also has to do a...
  20. Geoffrey Taucer

    Random fears

    I'm sure we've all seen kids who, after crashing a skill, are terrified to do it again and take forever to get comfortable doing it again. But what about kids who suddenly develope a fear of a skill they've never crashed on? I have one girl (about to turn 11, which I suspect is part of the...