front handspring

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  1. Delia4

    Front Handsprings

    I am not the best at front tumbling. I have a particularly hard time landing front handsprings with straight legs and not in a squat. I have tried to work them on tumble trak, and they were good. I did them out of one step and a very large hurdle, so that is a little different from on floor...
  2. munchkin3

    WAG front handspings

    DD is having trouble with her front handspring. She can do it, but she lands a bit squatty and no rebound. She has the power, but is doing something wrong with the block, or the angle of the block, or maybe the heel drive. Anyone have any good thoughts or drills?
  3. S

    MAG arm position on front handspring

    Please end the debate between my two kiddos. DD is L5 girls and DS is L6 boys so they do the same floor front handspring step out, front handspring pass. DD watched DS at his meet this weekend and they are arguing about where his arms should be--she says they must be right by his ears, and he...