front handspring

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  1. Daisy

    WAG Front Handspring Help

    I am currently doing rec gymnastics, and I have been trying to learn how to do a FHS. I can do it on the trampoline, and up until a couple of days ago, I could do it on the tumble track. When I try on floor, I always land in a low crouch, or on my butt. Recently, that has been happening on the...
  2. M

    For Coaches Front handspring front tuck vault

    my gymnast is working on the front handspring front tuck vault but has not been able to make the vault yet. what are the best drills for rotating and sitting up faster off the vault or any other drills to improve the vault?
  3. G

    For Parents Front handspring front layout front tuck vs punch layout front tuck

    Can anyone tell me if a front handspring front layout front tuck has a different /same value than a punch layout front tuck?
  4. Aelin

    WAG Front handspring front vault

    I am a second-year level 9 who just started competing a front handspring front tuck vault, but I haven’t yet been able to land it in competition. My coaches say my form is usually correct and that the only way to get the hang of the landing is to practice the vault as many times as possible. I...
  5. J

    WAG Talk to me about front handspring front vault

    My dd has been working this vault on and off I think the plan is for her to compete it next season (level 8). I really didn’t know anything about this vault so I search this site for previous posts. I am now terrified! Is this vault really that dangerous? My dd was a very successful front...
  6. G

    For Coaches Front handspring not clicking

    I've not posted anything in a while but now I feel like I need other coaches' opinions. I have this 10 year old gymnast who is super powerful, built like a real tumbler (Simon Biles type), really muscular overall. She's strong on bars which is her best event and on vault she runs really fast and...
  7. C

    WAG most effective drills for learning front handspring

    Have you as parents or coaches seen better/quicker results with front limber drills or front headspring drills? My DD's coach is doing front limbers with them and then progressing straight to the FHS. My DD has her limber pretty consistently but seems to be missing something in translation...
  8. M

    WAG Front Handspring help

    My dd is a level 4 and her first meet of the season is 3 weeks away. She's having some trouble with the front handspring and I wanted to see if anyone here could offer some suggestions. She doesn't get any rebound and it just looks wrong when she lands it. Although her coaches are aware of her...
  9. C

    WAG Front handspring

    I have my front aerial and it is secure, but I can never seem to land my front handspring with straight legs and without a deep squat. It also takes me quite a while to bring my legs together so my coach says I can't start working on my front handspring front tuck yet. I would really appreciate...
  10. Gymnastbecki

    Front handspring help

    So I want to learn how to front handspring front tuck, but my coach says I can't yet because I'm doing my front handspring wrong. She says I don't bring my feet together fast enough and they only come together at the last second! I can see what she means in this video but is it really that...
  11. flippinam

    WAG Front Handspring Vault Critique

    I was wondering if anybody, preferably with coaching or judging experience, would be willing to give me feedback and an approximate score on my front handspring vaults. I will be competing USAG level 7 this year. I have a hard time looking at my own vaults with an unbiased eye, since I'm already...
  12. G

    Front Handspring Vault Help???

    I've always struggled with my front handspring vault. Honestly, I don't think it's improved much at all since I first started working on it! Anyways, my vault is terrible, I struggle to reach a complete handstand, and I never can seem to get enough flight to get to that position. If I do get to...
  13. coach1234

    WAG Front handspring vault drills

    So some of my girls have really strong vaults going over the vault table confidently, but others are still on handspring flatbacks on mat stack as they cannot get their feet moving fast enough and they either stick their bottoms up and go up in a big pike shape or don't even get up They need to...
  14. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Front handspring vault help!!

    When I go for my front handspring on vault I either don't have enough heal drive and I'm really slow, i bend my arms or I bend my legs.
  15. Gymlover1

    Front handspring vault!

    Does anyone have any tips for getting a better reach on the vault while doing a fronthandspring? My hands usually at the front of the table not the back. Thanks!
  16. gymnastelly10

    bringing front handspring to the ground?

    I do it perfectly on the trampoline, but i like, can't spring up and always land hard on my butt on the ground. and i can do it with a spot. help?
  17. Avasmom

    For Parents Front Handspring

    Is a back handspring easier than a front handspring? DD's coach introduced the fhs last week and my dd is unable to do it without landing on her butt. She is a quick learner and really strong so I was suprised that she told me she was struggling. She has her standing bhs and just recently got...
  18. twinklytoes9468

    For Coaches Front handspring on the floor

    I have a 10 yr old gymnast who has never been able to do a passable handspring on the floor - nice on fast-track, nice off a spring board, nice off a platform 6 inches off floor.She can do handstand hop ok , head spring is not great, but better than some who can handspring better than...
  19. gymnastelly10

    One more... Front handspring help?

    I did it twice, but it's really hard. help???
  20. S

    For Coaches Front Handspring Vault Training and Drills

    The last time I coached, we were still using the horse. I've got some kids training Level 4 now and I would like some help with introducing the handspring vault. They have the run and the hurdle (mostly) down well. I'm having trouble getting them to block off the table. They are jumping...