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  1. coachmolly

    Fun Conditioning/Team Building Games or Ideas

    I am in a new position working as the assistant to a high school gymnastics team. I've worked with this age group before, but not so much in a gymnastics setting. I'm looking for a few fun ideas for practices Thanksgiving week (and to carry over into the rest of the season) but am coming up...
  2. Deanna

    Team Building/Games?

    I was just wondering what kind of team building goes on with your gymmies? At DDs gym they have a couple outtings in the summer. (went to a couple cheaper (my momma would have said less water parks). They have lock-ins at the gym (going to have one the friday before halloween)...
  3. B

    Chellsie Memmel (M&M), withdrew from the Pan American Games team due to shoulder

    Chellsie Memmel (M&M), who withdrew from the Pan American Games team due to shoulder injury, will be replaced by Grace McLaughlin (WOGA)
  4. G


    Does anybody have any good warm up or cool down games that they play with there recreational classes? I'm looking for something new to play with my gymnasts. My gymnasts are ages 5-9. Thanks.
  5. AlexsGymmyMom

    Parents Meet Report and Guess the scores!! Missouri Winter Games

    Alex had a great meet this past Friday. Start time was 3:00. Very large venue with alot of seating. There was room to set up my video camera to finally get a good (non shaky) video for a change. Plus I brought my husbands DSLR camera and one of the other parents adjusted the settings for me...
  6. AlexsGymmyMom

    Parents Missouri Winter Games Meet This Friday

    This is the first time Alex has competed on a Friday. She will also miss school for the first time to attend a meet. (originally it was the beginning of spring break but they added this day back to make up for snow days). Lots of gyms will be at this meet. Our gym does not ususally do all...
  7. shadow

    sleepover games?

    ok, so our gym is having a sleepover that is at the gym for our team girls. we have games that we play for prizes and the girls love this because most of the mare really competitive^^ so i was wondering is there are any conditioning games or drills that they can do as games? i figured they can...
  8. henrik541

    Games & Gymnastics

    I just noticed that it's really hard to find a good game about gymnastics, specially online. The only one I found interesting was: Moss News - Vaulting Adventures Does anyone know some more great games?
  9. E

    Commonwealth Games

    looking forward to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. You can get complete news and information at the Unofficial Blog - The Unofficial Blog of the 2010 Commonwealth Games
  10. Cynical-Chick

    Commonwealth Games

    Since I'm a recent transplant, I don't know a lot about the gymnasts competing, but I can't wait to see the competition. Unfortunately, I really don't foresee this competition going well.
  11. flippinlolly

    I've been selected for the Commonwealth Games!

    Well I haven't been on in ages and so I thought I'd update everyone! My biggest bit of news is that I have been selected as part of the Team GB group that are going to Delhi to compete in the Commonwealth Games! :D I am so excited and thrilled to have been selected and absolutely can't wait...
  12. SwissCheyenne

    2010 Youth Olympic Games.

    Hi guys, I'm all the way here in singapore where the 2010 youth olympics are being held. i was really surprised to find out that there aren't any women artistic gymnasts representing the USA!! how is that so? and i couldn't find any thread discussing the youth olympics here. as of...
  13. J

    Empire State Games

    So Empire State Games was this weekend. I competed on Friday in the Masters division and had a GREAT time! Here are my results... Beam: GOLD 7.5 Bars: BRONZE 4.1 (only 3 people competed bars hense the medal for such a low score LMAO) Vault: BRONZE 8.2 Floor: No medal 6.8 All Around...
  14. P

    Help with Games?

    Hi, i Coach Gym to level ones in new zealand ( 6-8yrs ) and i was wondering if any one has game ideas. what are the ones you do with your gymnasts?
  15. MdGymMom01

    Youth Olympic Games 2010-Singapore

    Does anyone know more about this and what gymnasts will be competing? I do know that this is for ages 14-18 only (hence the name "Youth"), but wasn't sure which athletes/countries would be competing since it is the first ever Youth Olympics. I, personally, am excited to see the junior age...
  16. N

    Parents State Games of America

    Hi all! Olivia qualified this past Sunday to go to the State Games of America out in San Diego next summer! Here in PA we had our 'Keystone State games' this past weekend for the gymnastics part of it. There were a lot of different gyms there, and a bunch I had never seen before. We got...
  17. G

    Junior Olympic Games in Virginia

    I am really thinking about competing in Virginia Beach in August at the Jr Olympic Games. Can someone tell me what the difference is between competing as an intermediate optional and a level 8? Also, is there somewhere I can find out the requirements and skills that are needed to be put in to...
  18. L

    Bar Games

    Does anyone have any suggestions of games that can be played on or around the uneven bars? I like to coach one day a session of just games, and bars makes this difficult! I don't have anything! Thanks :)
  19. L

    Coaches Gymnastics games for kids

    Hello! I am a new preschool to age 7 recreational gymnastics coach (although I have a daughter that is a competitive gymnast as well). While I know the basic drills and skills for this age group, I am hoping to get some new ideas for games in the gym for this age group or some web sites or...
  20. E

    Off to State Games of America tomorrow!

    Taking 8 compulsory gymnasts to State Games of America in Colorado Springs this Saturday, one being my own mojo gymmie (L4). She needs some mojo since she's fighting a cold this week. Need to manage the energy level for this one, since when she runs out of gas it's almost instantaneous...