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  1. G

    NCAA post graduation high school year and NCAA requirements

    I am wondering if your child do one more PG year , will this give you one more year , so your child get more prepared to apply for college gymnastics team?
  2. G

    For Parents Gymnastics college team seeker, high school gymnast mom

    Do you ever think about moving to TX ,almost half of National team members are from WOGA!!! Any thoughts? My daughter is doing level9 now , really think about a best gym for her for high school critical time .
  3. F

    OT Gymnastics College recruiting and High School Cheer

    Should my daughter downplay Varsity High School cheerleading when she posts to he social media for gymnastics recruiting? Would college gym coaches percieve her as not a serious recruit if she does cheer also. She is good at both but I am wondering if we really do need to keep these worlds...
  4. M

    For Parents Are JOs really done with gymnastics after senior year of high school

    My daughter is a 1st year level 9, and senior in high school, which surprisingly with COVID she did really well with having to take 3-months off practice. She has been in gymnastics for 13 years and loves it dearly. My daughter just competed JO USAG level 9 State Meet and had some great...
  5. M

    WAG High School Gymnastics

    Anyone out there who has a high school team gymnast? My DD is considering trying out for her HS team next year. They use a different type of classification for skills (superior; high superior, etc.) and neither my daughter or I can't find any "cheat sheets" on what it all means. Just when I...
  6. skschlag

    MAG High School Nationals?

    Has anyone heard of this before? D has a friend competing at them this weekend. We do not have high school gymnastics, but a coach put together a team. I am just curious what this is.....
  7. dmbgymnast

    OT College/Post High School Plans

    I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone else/ your DD/DS is going through the college process as well! I know there's not a whole lot of gymnasts on here, but maybe someone can offer some words of wisdom in these stressful application crunch times! I've applied early action to 1...
  8. coachmolly

    WAG Elite Gymnast & High School Diver

    We see a lot of talk here about all of the sacrifices gymnasts make at all levels, but especially those on the elite/college bound track that it was fun to see a story about a senior national team member who is also giving high school diving a try simultaneously. Pretty cool of her gymnastics...
  9. O

    WAG High school competitors with optional practices???

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with a compulsory and optional program that generally filter right into a high school program? This is a new world for me, prior to being a competitive director for this gym, high school and JO did not ever meet ends. Prior to now, this club's program stopped at...
  10. OzZee

    WAG Competing club/JO past high school

    so we don't have any college gymnastics etc in Australia so fascinated by the whole idea. Recent threads about d3 schools had me thinking - can girls who have moved onto college not just keep competing for a normal club at whatever level they are at? I can understand the scholarship thing but...
  11. NutterButter

    WAG Travel Meets and High School

    I've always had utmost respect for the kids managing gym and high school but that has just been upped A LOT after seeing my DD get ready for her first travel meet while in high school. She goes to a public school (but rigorous and nationally ranked). Good Grief! It has been a week. She's...
  12. gymmomtoo

    For Parents Anyone else doing high school gym?

    their gymnast, I mean, not you yourself!
  13. T

    Central Pennsylvania Area, High School Head Coach

    There is a head coaching position open at a local high school. It's only 4 months out of the year. Feel free to contact me for more information. The position is posted at on the high school website. www.basd.net Click on Human Resource tab, then employment opportunities.
  14. gymnast9261

    WAG High School Gymnastics?

    What skills does your local high school require you to have for tryouts? I'm too busy to actually be on my team, just curious :)
  15. Z

    WAG High School Gymnastics

    I noticed that HD gym is almost never a topic of conversation here. Do any of your kids participate? My DD has a few years before she gets to that point, but I am curious about the pros and cons. I know several girls who compete HS and then come back to club after the season is over to...
  16. D

    WAG Continuing JO track after high school

    I have a gymnast who is graduating high school and would like to continue to compete on the JO track. She is a level 9 and going to a local college with no gymnastics team. Does anyone know the rules on this? We have only done adult AAU before.
  17. M

    WAG Junior in high school predicament

    We have three juniors this year that competed L9 last season. All three made regionals and two made easterns. All three were offered the opportunity by our HC to decide which level they want to compete. Of course the coach presented them with the pros and cons for each level. Gymnast A will...
  18. G

    MAG Best high bar grips for high school?

    I need help in deciding what type of grips to use for high bar. I'm 16 and I'm in highschool gymnastics. I've already decided that I'm going to most likely buy buckled grips, but I've narrowed my choices down to the US glove and reichel sport. However, I don't know the difference between the...
  19. G

    WAG High School Gym

    Sad to say I just completed my final season of competing with my club! I had an awesome four years competing but I'm starting high school next year and I don't want to do another year of xcel. I really want to do high school gym in the winter but I don't know if I would be able to make the team...
  20. C

    For Coaches Coaching Help at Jr/High School

    Hello, My name is Coach Mike. I'm going to warn you that this post is probably going to be long, and for that I apologize. I wanted to get some insight/advice from other coaches. This is my first post here on this site, but not the first time me looking around for advice/information on other...