WAG Clear Hip angle ?

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May 25, 2012
My daughter is getting ready to compete level 7 and I’m a little confused on clear hip angle requirements for bars. Her routine (for now until the clear hip handstand into giants is more consistent) is kip cast handstand, clear hip (usually around 45 degrees, sometimes a bit higher) kip cast squat on, kip cast handstand, giant, layout flyaway.

If she hits at least 45 degrees on her low bar clear hip is there no deduction? Or is she supposed to hit handstand?
Yea I’m pretty sure her coaches want her going to handstand, I was more just curious for myself when watching meets since she’s not quite there most days.

I think if you arent hitting handstand on any of your casts you need to do 2 giants though to ensure you get that verticle requirement (maybe?) I know when my DD was working her clear hip on the high bar her coach had her do 1 Giant if she hit the handstand and 2 if she didnt and it had something to do with hitting handstand.
I think if you don’t hit handstand on your casts you likely need the extra giant to make sure you have enough skills in the routine. A a cast only counts as a skill if it’s a handstand (or close to handstand with angle deductions) . Luckily my daughter is super consistent on her cast handstand.
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