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Well we had our first level 7 meet this past weekend. First up on bars ... 8.9...pretty good routine... still needs to get hand stands... and get this fell on her giant giant flyaway (just got this last week)....flat on her back....poor kid just got up and 2nd was beam.. still needs lots of work 8.75....few bobbles here and there. 3rd was floor.....great score 9.6!!!(I think it was a Merry Christmas score :rolleyes:) she was so proud... and last vault 9.45. She got 3rd on Vault and tied 3rd on Floor and 6th AA. Still great for her 1st meet with only 1 month of practice...:) ...I will post her routines for everyone. I would love feedback on her beam....I know she needs straighter legs...but what else???anyone... :)
Great Job! and Great first meet scores. Wow for that floor score.. I do have one question though. Why 2 giants for level 7?
What great scores, 8.9 on bars with a fall is way up there. Nice that she did so well on floot and vault, that really makes up for the fall, I hope.

For a first meet that AA is wonderful, things will just keep getting better from here. Remember on beam bobbles can take quite a bit off the score as can bent legs. She probably just needs more practice and confidence, this will come with more time in the gym.
Wow, those are awesome scores after only a month, tell her we say congratulations, I cant wait to see vids, especially floor!:):):):):)
Those are great scores. Very solid on every event and your AA is awesome. Looks like your season is off to a great start. Congratulations and tell your DD great job!
Amazing scores for a new L7 with only a month under her 'belly band'!
The best and most meaningful feedback you'll get is from her coach. She's got a plan for her progress; I have no doubt.

High Five to your DD! One down...many more to go!
Well as for a reply from her floor and beam coach...ugh...I have a hard time going there.....she is not the most positive person in this world... she is a russian coach so she is kind of hard to understand. She was Carly Patterson's Floor coach at WOGA... she has her own coaching style and expects 9.8's. She told my DD that her floor was not a I have so many mixed feelings...(why would you tell a child that???even if you think it)....there are so many stories... but again I won't go there....I ask my daughter all the time if she would like to change and still wants to go everyday. So i go day by day....
Hi, just watched the video and overall she looks great for her first meet at level 7.

Looking at her beam, I thought overall she looked good, fairly tight, but I think what stands out are the balance checks. To me, that is not her being loose, but the more she competes the routine, the less you will see the balance checks. I am not sure how much she is getting off for the tick-tock, but I would think she is getting hit there. It might be better for her to just do a handstand hold for 3 seconds then come down and do the BHS. The one major thing I see that she needs to improve is her leap jump, her back leg is really low and I am sure she is taking a hit, again, no idea how much. She needs to do the leaps that she does on floor on beam - they are beautiful! Honestly though, you really can't complain I think the routine looks great. She has great lines and is sharp with her toes pointed, definitely a nice routine to watch.

Her bars are beautiful, again her lines are gorgeous. For the record, between you and me (parents) you do not need perfect handstands at level 7, you do need to get into a certain range, but per our house judge/coach, she just needs to be close - that is what she said about my dd last yr. Has she ever hit her toes on her flyaway? Just curious because she seems to be a little close to the bar, I would think they want her to push it out a little further - her little "dogs" would probably like that too!

Floor - floor was awesome, very tight and powerful tumbling! Some coaches are never happy! After this past weekend, where dd took 1st with a 9.55 and her teammates placed 2nd - 4th in our age division, 2 others took 1st in their age division and one took 3rd, dd told me that floor coach told them that all their scores were inflated. The judges were just used to looking at loose bodies and weak tumbling earlier in the meet (our girls were the last to go on floor) and that our girls just happened to follow them and that's the only reason they got those scores. Coach also went on to say that the scores from the previous meet were more in line. For dd, she scored a 9.55 at this meet, compared to a 8.95 in the last meet - same routine! We've come to learn that she's never happy with the way they perform. She is all smiles at the meet for the girls with high fives and hugs, but the next day at practice - squash, back in their places. We just laugh about it! :D

Vault was great also - love Dad there! You can see her favoring that left foot, I believe!

Hope I wasn't too wordy ;), I think your dd looks awesome and can only get better with more competing experience... Keep sharing the videos, they're great!
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I can relate to the comments about a 9.6 not being "good enough". We left a gym after one year b/c the Russian coaches (must def. be a russian thing) could NEVER be satisfied... there was ALWAYS something more to be done. One of the girls who was training elite (has now burned out), was told that her 9.8 isn't good enough....she needs to be getting 10's!!! I cant' imagine how it must feel to know that you can never measure up to your coach's expectations!
Boy I can't wait to show my L3 DD this video. She is gonna eat it up! I can't comment on any of the skills. To me they all looked great. Your DD is a natural.

Yea I know first hand about them Russian woman! (quick check over my shoulder :) ) Some are hard to understand even when they speak fluent english! It's a whole differnet 'work' ethic over there. Praise ins't something that is often used to influence athletes. That's just decades of easten european training being reflected. It's how they themselves were trained. Your DD needs to learn to read between the lines. That's how I learned.
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I think she looks wonderful in these videos. She did great on floor, it was an awesome score, and she deserved it! A great meet from start to finish. She is going to rock this season! Keep us posted on her progress! :cool:
Great job at her first meet, i loved her floor routine, just work on the leap/jump on beam with back leg a little low. Keep working, it all looks great, my dd says thats a great AA score!!
we kinda knew she was like this...I have been telling DD a year ago before we got to her that ....that is her style of teaching and she only wants to make her better. I see girls in tears all of the time. It does not seem to effect DD yet....I think it bugs me more than her. LOL
She had a great 1st L7 meet. As a few others have said she needs to make sure the leap on beam hits 180(they are super on floor) and if the tick tock gives her trouble consistently Granny had an option---another is fwo-bhs. Some of our L7s are doing that this year and it looks neat---also quite different. She just has a nice line all around.
My big concern is that flyaway and how close she is to the high bar. Many times that comes from closed shoulders in the flyaway--mine tends to do that from time to time. When my gymmie had a judge critique her last year, she said she wanted to see the hips at or above the high bar on flyaways---that really comes from a good strong tap and something she'll get the more she does them.

As for the floor coach---well in a weird way I suppose she doesn't want them too cocky, but it could have been said in a much nicer way. Its better to go over the routine and show what she feels needs improvement rather than just pulling the rug out.

Loved dh getting into the vault---good for him!!
Way to go! Nice meet, she is definetly going to have a great L7 Season!

I don't think I have much new to say but I do second Granny's post. Bars - in L7 she only needs a cast of 45 degrees above horizontal. She has it. The Handstand is a requirement for L8. Beam, the split leap for sure she probably got a large deduction for it. But that just comes with confidence. If the TickTock BHS is causing her problems she could also do a BWO BHS, or a BHS BWO. I love her mount - So much control!

Floor - wow.. she has gorgeous tumbling. I love her bhs's and fhs's they are so nice and straight!

As far as coaches expectations go. First, I think they will always push... and in my opinion, that is their job. They should be happy with how their gymnasts did in meets but never completly satisfied. They should never say "that is the best you can do, I dont expect you to do any better" I hope that makes sense.

Good luck and have fun in optionals!

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