2nd level 8 meet report!

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I had my 2nd level 8 meet earlier today and I'm really happy with how I did!

Vt: 8.45 (3rd)
Ub: 8.55 (1st!)
Bb: 8.05 (4th)
Fx: 9.2!:eek: (1st)
AA: 34.25 (1st!)

2 points higher than last time! I only competed a fronthandspring vault (I've been jamming into the table on my tsuks lately:() and I still don't have a pirouette. I also fell on the bad leg cw in my series on beam again, but my routine felt smoother and I wasn't as nervous as I usually am (I'm normally really shaky on beam :)).

I still can't really believe my floor score. I mean, I knew I did a good routine, but I didn't think it was that good, especially since I got a 7.3 last time! I'm definately the happiest about that!

Thanks for reading. :)
Awesome!! My first meet is this week-end and it's only two events
Wow, fantastic. You did a wonderful job. Keep it up, your going to have a wonderful season
Gret job! That's an awesome improvement since your last meet! :) You must've been working hard in the gym :) Congrats!
Congratulations! That is a huge improvement on floor! Sounds like you are off to a great start for your Level 8 season.

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