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My daugher just choreographed her level eight floor routine. I watched as it was being done. The music was a combination of Flamenco, Malaguena and modern synthesizer. I was captivated by the artistry involved in creating the choreography moves with the cut music. It was like watching a classical artistic event...I felt privileged to even be there. The choreographer is my daughter's directory/coach. She is also a professional dancer. She even brought her 16 year old daughter along to help with the choreography. It was fantastic.
I had been complaining a lot about the delay in getting a floor routine. However,my daughter's first meet isn't until the first week of January. So I think we're ok in terms of time.
The theme of my daugher's routine is a bullfight. She is the mateador. She gets gored in the end. But the damce. without the tumbling as yet, was marvelous.
It is quite special. Our coach choreographs all our gymnasts routines, my little one is just getting her new one piece by piece. She has Inspector Gadget, it is young and cute, just like her.

Amazing the work that gets put into a routine, filling all the required alements, putting in some dance and allowing for persoanl style. When I go to meets you can always see the girls who have a routine made just for them, they really do stand out.
Tuduri - your dd's routine sounds just lovely:)

Bogwoppit - how cute that your dd is learning her routine... can't wait to hear more as it all comes together - would always love vids if you don't mind sharing - I am sure it will be a great routine:p... How is your older dd feeling? I thought the last mention was that they had decided she would not to vault? So gym would take a different course - was that the decision that was finally made? I am sorry if I can't recall exactly... I think I am getting worse at the details with umm experience (alright its just age) LOL

Please let us know how she is, she will competing soon anyway (december???) right? nic
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Nic - Big DD is coming along okay. She continues the stretching and strengthening daily and ices twice daily. She has done a little bit of tumbling just ro bhs etc and fhs. She tried a vault on Saturday wasn't too bad. though rusty to say the least. The springboard is very tough on her, she is using one in the gym that is designed for younger, lighter gymnasts and that one is okay. But in her competitions she has to use a gymnova spring board that is very hard and many younger girls have problems with it, so whether she will vault or not is still up in the air.

Her bars and beam are very nice and that cheers her up, her floor routine looks great, but right now has no tumbling it. She will do three privates with her coach in the next three weeks to work out what she can do and build up to it slowly. She really wants to do it all, but life's not really like that and her mother is a bit mean:D.

Her first comp is on Dec 1 or 2nd, not sure yet, she is trying to be realistic about what she might do, but it is still tough. I'll let you know how that goes.

Little DD has until Jan 26th to get get her routine down well. it is very cute. everything else is coming along great and she is working up skills for next year, getting over the vault table, kips etc.

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