level 3 beam routine

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At the meet this weekend, I saw a lot of variation during a part of the routine. I hoped to come here to find a definitive answer.

After the gymnasts levers into and out of the handstand, she runs and locks into position to execute a half turn. This is where my question comes from. Some of the girls ran with their arms glued to their ears. Some ran with their arms held straight out parallel to the ground. Still others ran with their arms straight down to their sides.

Is there a particular position the arms are supposed to be in or is this something that the judges don't concern themselves with?
I think there are 3 different positions they can have their arms in for this part of the routine. My DD does the "run" with her arms up with her fingers almost touching- she makes an oval shape. However, I've seen others on her team do it differently and the coach has always said they have a few options for arm placement.
By the book, the arms move from stretch position to straight down by their hips in the run. IDK if some judges are super picky about it, but this is what the routine states. They eaither got deductions because their coach was not following the book 100% or the judges simply dont mind.Couldent tell ya ;)
truth be told, nobody cares. that level is not there to train gymnasts. it's there for participation in 1 big gym class. it's to early to look for definitive answers. save that energy until she reaches level 8 and then break out the Tums.:)

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