Video/Meet report. Final L2 meet of the season.

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Well they had a little different rotation this time than what they have had at all the other meets. She fell on beam (which is normaly a pretty good event for her). But she got right back up there and picked up where she left off. Besides falling, she was a little weeble wobble, and went over time (im guessing because she fell). But oh well..she didnt let it get to her..she climbed back on that horse and rode it to the
Floor, which is normaly her nemesis..she did pretty good done WAY before her music. But still placed higher than she had ever before. Vault and bars are always her normal "do great" events.
There were 6 little girls in her age/level.
I just have to say..I am soooo proud of all our girls in L2/L3. They all rocked this meet. In every level/age that had one of our teamies in it..took either 1, 2, or both AA. This was just our girls time to shine. They ended their season with a bang.

Vault, 9.2 1st
Bars, 9.2 1st
Beam, 8.35 4th
Floor, 7.3 2nd (yay!)
AA, 34.05, 1st
YouTube - Emerald Classic
So cute! Your DD brings a smile to my face every time. Congrats on a great meet for her and her teammates! Look out, level 3! Here she comes!
She is darling! Great meet for her. Great bar routine daughter struggled so much with that straddle on thing; good thing she never had to compete it. ;)
She did great! Ready for level 3 and so cute! Loved her bar routine. Super good! Fun they give placement for level 2. Our level 3's didn't, but maybe that was good because there were 20 in her age breakdown! Great job kadee!!!
She is such a cutie! congrats on that 1st aa!! don't worry about that floor will come with age. Keeping video records is so awesome-In a few years, when you go back and look at these videos, you will be amazed at the difference. I have some from 2 years ago when my dd started, and I can't believe it's the same kid!! lol (and she wore her hair just like kadee, too-those long double ponies) :)
Thank you all so much. She is my little super On the floor i was like..oh they are going to nail her again..she was right on that white line. She couldnt possibly have been any closer without being over..Her feet were on it..and i wasnt sure how they did they have to be over the line...or just touching the line to get a deduction? I was like..the kid is starting out in the She really has improved so much since just her first meet this season in her form. She also gained 3 inches since Dec. She went from 39 to 42 inches. And 90% of it is in her legs. She lost those "baby legs" (short and For her that seemed to have helped her. Although now all her leos and baithing suits dont fit around the legs anymore (they still do everywhere else). And the kid has gun boats for feet..I dont know how she could ever lose her balance with those things under But as Kadee told me one time "mommy..even boats sink sometimes."
And the kid has gun boats for feet..I dont know how she could ever lose her balance with those things under But as Kadee told me one time "mommy..even boats sink sometimes."

HAHA!! That made me laugh. I love the things that come out of the little one's mouths sometimes. :D

I think my daughter is the same age as yours (5, right?). It's funny how all of a sudden they just seem to shoot up in height. Mine hit a growth spurt in the fall and her legs seem so long and skinny to me now. I miss the chunky toddler legs. They grow up too fast sometimes. :(
Great job again Kadee! She is adorable!! Alex never had "toddler legs" she has had skinny legs since she was born!! I am still waiting for Alex to hit a growth spurt. She is the smallest 11 year old on her team.
She She reminds me of my DD when she was doing L2. I loved how she jumped off that beam really quick at the end to avoid falling. Smart cookie! I love her little dismount on beam, too. I went back and watched my little DD's L2 videos and I am amazed at how much she has grown. Someday you will show these to her when she's out there competing the big scary skills, and you will smile and laugh at how stinking adorable she was! It is SO fun to watch them grow and progress. Bring on L3...and L4!
Congrats! She is so cute! My dd competed level 2 two years ago and is now training for level 5 you are going to be surprised at how quickly they pick up skills from here on out! She did great and looks like she enjoys gymnastics.
Thank you everyone. Its amazing the difference i see in her already. I remember when I said on here that they had asked her to join team and would be competing this season, how everyone said to make sure i videoed it. And that i would be blown away at the difference in her in the begining of the season and the end. I thought..sure there will be a little..but how much could 3 months make. I must say 3 months has made a major difference in her. Her strength for the begining of the season she struggled to get her hip circle all the way around (half the time would get stuck upside down for a second or two) she never misses it...its like its nothing to her. Shes alot smoother...not as jerky with her movements. And shes getting better with her toe points..and making it a little more pretty. Her first couple of meets you could tell she was thinking about everything she had to do before she did it. And then something happened between those first two and the last two..its like it all just clicked for her. Of course Im her im But her scores reflected it in her last two meets also. So i guess the judges saw it too. Im just interested in seeing what they do with her for next season. Keep her as a L2 or move her to L3. She wants to be an L3 next season (she actually told her coach she was going to skip L3 and go right to L4..bahahaha) but its a LONG time between now and next season. I told her that her coach will make sure she is at the level she is ready to be at.
What a cutie!!! I love watching the little ones compete since i have a little one. DD's gym was at that meet last weekend too, but the level 1's did not get to go. Thanks for sharing. I need to upgrade my camara so i can post videos of my little one.

B 6 year old level 1 K 4 year old rec
Im at work so the video is blocked. :) But congrats to your little one! :) It is so much fun! My level 2 is moving on as well. They begin uptraining today in the hope that her group can move to four. :) We shall see. Once again, congrats to the little one.
She is just darling. What a nice way to end the season. The next season will be here before you know it.

As to your question about out of bounds---the foot(or part of) has to be over the white line to get a deduction and its only .1.

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