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  1. H

    Comp Nerves

    Whenever I am at a competition, I get extremely nervous, to the point that I actually shake. It affects me most on beam, where I tend to wobble on every skill and dance, just because I am so nervous. At training I stick around 5 routines in a row, minimal wobbles, but it all falls apart at comp...
  2. K

    For Parents Meets that require long drives

    My now 14-years L8 daughter always perform worse when the drive to get the place is over 2 hours. If she can stay the night before her session, she usually does fine. My husband and I thought she may have a sort of balance or sensory issues that might need time to adjust. So we usually arrive at...
  3. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Meet Results!

    First ever xcel platinum meet! Vault: 9.075* - 3nd place Beam: 8.8 - 4th place Bars 9.25 - 2nd place Floor: 9.5 (personal best!) - 1st place AA: 36.625 - 1st place Team: 3rd place (not too bad, 1/2 the team were 1st timers and we had the smallest team) *I started with a lower start value of...
  4. ProudDad

    For Parents Who has responsibility?

    I have been to dozens of meets and watched many sessions of differing levels. Within those levels there are gymnasts with varying skill levels as reflected by scoring. I am always a fan of every athlete and recognize that anyone can have a bad day or is in the process of overcoming a personal...
  5. A

    For Parents Competition Hair

    My daughter will begin competing soon, and I'm wondering about hair for competition. Her hair is short, but it can still get in the way. It's about ear level in the front, and it's shorter in the back. It's also very curly. It's far too short to tie up, especially at the back. Normally for...