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  1. T

    Parents Ready for Regionals?

  2. N

    WAG Heading to Regionals!

    So my L8 DD had state meet last weekend and after 4 years of disappointing state meets, finishing about in the middle (or sometimes lower half) and after 4 years of me saying "Next year will be your year," dd finally broke the streak! AA champ for her age group and made State Team! Any other...
  3. M

    WAG Bypassing L10 (or even L9) regionals to go directly to Naptionals?

    Is there a way athletes can bypass regionals and be secured a spot in nationals? A school newspaper in our district had an article highlighting a gymnast in our school district. The article indicated she was going to be competing in Junior Olympic Nationals in May. We just finished states...
  4. M

    WAG Petition to Regionals

    Are there petitions that are denied? If so, what is the basis of the denial? What type of injuries are acceptable and how severe must it be?
  5. D

    MAG question about qualifying for regionals :)

    Hi, my son is a L6 gymnast...he competes as a 7 year old and this would be his first year to be able to go to regionals (Region 5). Some of the parents of older gymnasts have mentioned that in addition to a qualifying score, there is also an opportunity to qualify for the top 6 boys in each age...
  6. F

    WAG Petition to regionals

    How do you do it, why would you do it (US regionals)
  7. GymMom67

    Parents NCAA Gymnastics Regionals

    I just bought tickets for the NCAA Regionals at LSU. We live in Texas, my husband is a huge OU fan, I like Texas A&M, but my DD decided a while back that LSU is her team! She even has an LSU backpack this year. LSU Gymnastics is currently ranked #1 in the nation, and their regionals are on...
  8. G

    WAG Excel Gold Regionals

    Does anyone know what the qualifications have to be for Excel Gold Regionals? Is it the top 3 that go or is it a score you need to attain?
  9. mylittlemiss

    WAG USAG Level 7 Regionals?

    We got our team's schedule for the upcoming season and it shows on there a level 7/8 regionals. Anyone else's region having the 7's included this year? We are new to optionals, but I have not been aware of this being a typical level for regionals.
  10. K

    Parents Xcel Regionals

    My DD competed at Xcel Regionals this past Friday and what an experience that was! Our gym doesn't normally send Xcel gymnasts to regionals but because it was only a hour away from us this year, they made it an optional meet. It was a real eye-opener for me regarding how different states and...
  11. L

    Parents Level 8 Regionals Done! First AA

    What a season.....spinal cord injury in June.........back in gym in Sept.......playing catch up...flu, sinus infections, ear infections and just last week a groin pull. Sophia fought through it all.....some tears...some frustration but at the regional meet yesterday put together 4 great...
  12. gymgal

    WAG Level 9 age groups for regionals/nationals

    why do the eastern regions have 16 age groups when the western region L9 and all level 10 is based on 8 age groups? I realize the same total number of gymnasts advance to nationals (east/west) but was curious why east doesn't just adopt the 8 age group system to coincide with L10.
  13. dani4

    Parents Are gym meets fun to watch? Thinking about going to see regionals.

    I happened to see that regionals (for levels 8-10) are being held an easy 10 minutes' drive from my house. I've never been to a gymnastics meet, my kids are in preschool classes and like watching gymnastics on youtube. I'd like to go, because I'm curious and I think it would be fun. My kids are...
  14. skschlag

    MAG Regionals Thread

    THought I would start a thread for our regionals like we did for states. We leave on Friday for regionals, and D competes Saturday night. I hate the night meets! LOL!
  15. skschlag

    MAG Age groups for states/ regionals

    So, does your state use the USAG age ranges for states and regionals, or do they break it down further? I know we talked about age groups earlier this season but in context of regular meets. I was talking wiht another member about the age ranges in her state/ region and ours and how different...
  16. M

    MAG Regionals?

    So Sunday at state we will have to decide if our son will go to regionals or not (assuming he makes the qualifying score). He is a young Level 5 and this is the first year our region is having the 7-10 yo L5's at the meet. For those who have gone- is it worth the time and money for the...
  17. M

    WAG Injury Petition to Regionals

    To petition to go directly to regionals and by pass state because of an injury, does a gymnast need to get the minimum score of 35.00 at her own state or can she use an out of state meet? Below is a direct quote from our regional website. "Photo copy of one pre-state; current sanctioned...
  18. J&A's mom

    MAG Regionals for region 4 - Phew!!!

    We received word today that the schedule has changed to allow for the tech sequence to be done the same way as it will be at nationals for the level 8-10's. it's not on the website yet, but basically Friday and Sunday are switched around. **************************** The level 5's will now...
  19. L

    WAG How do girls qualify for state, regionals, nationals?

    In level 10. For state, isn't it an all around score? 34.0? I don't remember. To qualify to regionals, is it an all around score? or placement at state? I know nationals is placement at regionals. But what places make it? top 10? Seems like too many, but I don't know. Is it possible to...