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  1. P

    WAG Shoulder blocking for vault

    Are there any other basic drills I can do at home do improve my block for vault (besides handstand pops)?
  2. M

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility Rod Stretch, Difference Using Wooden Bar Rod or Towel Rope

    Whats the difference in doing the shoulder bar dislocation stretch with a regular wooden rod vs a towel/rope? (Note: I know the second picture is using a towel, but I use a rope and pull it wide tight).
  3. B

    WAG Ugh.. Torn labrum - shoulder

    My level 9 daughter, age 15, had several instances of shoulder "moving" when she did vault and bars, and some pain associated with it. It only started happening in the last two weeks, no previous shoulder problems. Club coach thought it was just "tendon moving", HS coach sent her to the trainer...
  4. MuggleMom

    For Parents Bridge/Shoulder Flexibility

    My daughter does not have pretty bridges. I think it has to do with overall shoulder flexibility. She is not the most naturally flexible in general. Are there any good stretching programs to improve bridges and shoulder/back flexibility? That seems like a good workable home goal to me. Shes 10...
  5. M

    MAG Injured shoulder

    So, 3 weeks ago, my son injured his right shoulder while warming up pbars at his first meet. Best guess is it momentarily partially dislocated. This week we saw the orthopedist who recommended surgery to repair torn labrum. Surgery is in 3 weeks. Dr. estimated 6 months after surgery before full...
  6. J

    Kick up to handstand: shoulder position

    Adult trying to learn some gymnastics here. I've noticed that there are two possible way to approach the gymnastics entry to a handstand: in one the shoulders are not completely open when the hand contact the ground but reach the fully open position while reaching the hs; in the other the...
  7. kimute

    For Parents Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    MRI results just back. My 13 yo has a fracture in the growth plate of her shoulder. Does anyone have recovery experience with this? Competition season is late January and wondering if any stories can inform her possibilities. Thank you!
  8. hsgymnast333

    WAG How to build arm and shoulder strength

    Hi. So I’m a high school gymnast and right now (since it’s the fall) is off-season. We compete in the winter and there’s summer gymnastics. Which means I’m not in the gym from August through October. I’ve been conditioning at home, but I haven’t been as consistent with it as I should be. I...
  9. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Shoulder dislocation: experiences?

    Disclaimer: not looking for medical advice, I have done that already at a GP, orthopedic doctor and a PT. I am very hypermobile, always have been. Because of that, my shoulder will often half-dislocate (subluxate in medical terms) about 3 times a day, in both my left and right shoulder. If...
  10. M

    Gymnast shoulder hurts

    my daughter was doing a front handspring front tuck and all of the sudden her shoulder hurts. What does this mean and how does she fix it
  11. M

    MAG Shoulder bone bruise long recovery time... help!

    At my younger son's first, in house, practice meet in late Dec, he had a crazy fall on floor where he found himself coming straight down onto his head when he straightened out of a back tuck very prematurely on his last pass. We figured out much later that he put out his arms to break the fall...
  12. coachmolly

    For Coaches Closed Shoulder BHS

    I have 2 girls, both have had their bhs for about a year, and both have terribly closed shoulders. Both struggle terribly with shoulder flexibility (one worked with a PT briefly and has specific exercises to address the issue) and obviously addressing that issue is our first course of action...
  13. R

    For Coaches Shoulder Strength Conditioning

    Hi there, I've just started coaching again after a long-ish break from it and I've forgotten everything... I need help with some shoulder conditioning that I can make up a conditioning sheet with. Things like chin ups and stuff, but I want to target shoulders. Any ideas would be super helpful...
  14. 4schnoodle

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility

    Hello everyone! Longtime reader - first time poster here. My 13 year old DD is a new level 6 and has always struggled with shoulder flexibility. Her coaches have told her multiple times that as her flexibility improves her so will her skills. In a recent progress report her coach mentioned that...
  15. KarahjaeTE

    Hopefully last doctors appointment for my shoulder

    Monday I will hopefully be released to flip again and work on skills for Baylor acrobatics and tumbling camp. It is feeling a ton better but as most gymnast who get a injury it can be an entirely different story while flipping
  16. N

    For Parents Back walkover and poor shoulder flexibility in 7 year old

    I am new to CB and to the world of gymnastics. My 7 year old is on pre-team currently (level 1-2 equivalent) and we are not yet sure what the plan for her is going to be come June. We are still waiting to hear. She has done very well on pre-team, she is one of the stronger kids and does very...
  17. Pigeon

    MAG shoulder flexibility - MAG

    Some questions about shoulder flexibility in men's gymnastics... YDS (just turned 8) has finished level 4 season and they are starting to work on level 5 skills...high bar kip, front handspring, etc. The coach mentioned the other night that he has tight shoulders and will need to work on...
  18. cadybearsmommy

    WAG Shoulder Flexibility and beam back walkovers, any input welcome!

    After reading some horror stories here about back problems as a result of beam back walkovers, I wanted to get some input on dd. I'm not an expert but to me it seems like she doesn't have the best shoulder flexibility. I've seen from reading here that kids with less shoulder flexibility tend...
  19. M

    WAG Doctor/chiropractor recommendations- shoulder/back

    Looking for ideas to help my daughters shoulder flexibility, it's hurting her back and her ability to do skills safely. She's doing some stretches at home, does anyone have a stretch checklist that helps? Also wondering if it's worth it to go to a chiropractor, what could they do?
  20. munchkin3

    WAG Resistance Running, shoulder vs. waist harness

    Whats better, shoulder harness or waist harness? I know it changes the center of gravity and the muscles used, but i also know it can stress the back.... What do you use?