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  1. R

    For Parents Skipping 4-7

    Hi just thought I would put this to the community and see what you think! YD is 8 yrs and just competed Level 4 this season. She tested out of 5 recently. About half her group are skipping Level 6 and going straight to 7. Coach gave us (and DD) a choice of 6 or 7. She would have to increase her...
  2. txgymfan

    OT Athlete Skipping Media Obligations

    Naomi Osaka one of the top ranked tennis players has declared that she is skipping media obligations at the French Open this year because she thinks it’s detrimental to her mental health...
  3. G

    WAG Skipping levels in Xcel

    My DD is 13 and in Xcel silver, and she wants to excel (lol) in her gymnastics and possibly skip a level. Shes worried that she won't be able to get where she wants with her gymnastics while being the oldest on her team, compared to the other girls it seems like she won't have much of a future...
  4. T

    For Parents Skipping Level 3

    Have any of your daughters gone straight from Level 2 to Level 4? Part of me really wants my daughter to go to Level 3 and have another confident year like this year but she has consistently been at the top 1 or 2 AA with 37+. And she has all her level 3 skills especially her bars. They won't...
  5. thatguy188

    For Parents Skipping Level 5

    Good Morning! I did a search to see if skipping Level 5 is possible, but all I found were threads from many many years ago. I saw this Mobility Chart ( and it says a 32.00 AA in Level 5 to get to Level 6 (which imo is too low, besides the...
  6. L

    WAG Skipping levels 4 AND 5?

    My daughter’s coach said that he wants let my daughter finish competing level 3, and move her to optionals at level 6 (insert horrified emoji here lol). Our state competes compulsory levels in the fall, and optionals in the spring. My question is... will she have to score out of level 4 AND...
  7. F

    WAG Skipping Invite Camp and Going Straight to Devo Camp...

    Is it common for girls to completely skip going to invitational developmental camps and go straight to developmental camp??? Seems like that is what they are going to have Lily do. She has never been to camp, we were told before Classics that she was on the short list for invite camp and just...
  8. F

    For Parents Skipping level 3... Thoughts?

    I'm new to the gymnastics world. My daughter will be turning 7 soon. She competed as a level 2 last season and then we switched gyms. Her gym now is talking about skipping 3 altogether because she already has level 3 skills. She has the whole summer to learn level 4 and they think she can do it...
  9. G

    WAG stressed about skipping gymnastics!!

    hey everyone, basically I’m going to keep this short. So this summer I have several amazingly fun vacations planned. That means two week long vacations and another half week long vacation. To everyone else, this would be exciting, but i honestly kind of am dreading it. I HATE missing out on...
  10. S

    For Parents skipping dinner b/c of late practice

    My gymmie (9.5) gets home from gym around 8:30 3x per week. This is a new schedule for us. She eats a biggish snack before gym at 4:15ish -like a smoothie or yogurt. After gym she just hasn't been eating much at all -only a few bites of whatever I make her (which are her usual dinner...
  11. A

    For Parents Another newbie question: skipping levels

    It seems like a lot of the gyms in our area skip L6? And go straight from 5 to 7.. Why would they do that? Wouldn't it be better to advance kids a level a year and get super high scores?
  12. T

    WAG Skipping Levels and Severs?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering what your experiences with increased training and Severs Disease? As some background. My DD started Rec classes at age 6, when she turned 7 she started complaining of heel and ankle pain which we kind of ignored (I know, I feel horrible) for a while. She also has...
  13. G

    WAG Skipping level 5 and 6

    How are so many kids skipping from 4 to 7? 5 seems like such a hard level for my 9 year old. She has done fine but it was not easy. I just keep reading post about kids skipping from 4 to 7. That would never happen in dd's gym.
  14. C

    MAG A spin off post on re: skipping levels

    I have a 9 year old level 5 who had a good year...64/65 AA score... Plan right now is for L6 next year and skip to 8 the following, although there was also some talk about skipping 6 and going to 7 at one point. What is a typical progression...are there advantages to skipping 6 vs 7?
  15. Ali'sMom

    WAG Waiting, and then skipping BWO on beam for L5 deduction?

    We saw a L5 gymmie over the weekend who hesitated VERY long, then totally skipped her BWO. She ended up with a 6.8. Another mom and I were just wondering what the point deduction was for just that part. Does anyone know?
  16. S

    WAG Skipping Practice

    My daughter is 9 years old competing level 4 and our season runs November - March. Her group practices 4x/week for a total of 12-16 hours per week. Some of her friends are routinely permitted to skip practice without a good reason, particularly the Saturday morning one. I only let mine skip...
  17. 3LittleGymmies

    WAG Skipping Level 5 Question

    I wasn't quite sure which forum to stick this question in. For those of you with gymnasts who will be scoring out of Level 5 this season either via the first meet or a move-up meet - when will they be learning their Level 6 routines - or are they already? This is the plan for my daughter and...
  18. B

    WAG Skipping level 6

    I thought level 6 didn't have to be scored out of. Is that true? If so, can someone point me to where it says that? Trying to settle a disagreement :)
  19. B

    WAG 6 year old skipping Level 3

    So my 6 year old DD has been at our gym since she is 3 and has been in their developmental program. Last year she did great for the most part with L2. She was at the gym twice a week for 1.5 hours. Cost was high but decent for our geography. I am a former high school gymnast and coach... but...
  20. gymbeam

    For Parents Skipping vs. Scoring Out

    In light of a similarly-titled thread (as well as other random references to "skipping" levels), can someone please clarify for me what exactly can be skipped? I thought you had to score out of all levels beginning at 4. But, the other thread said someone can just qualify for Elite without...