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  1. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Tsuk for level 6?

    So I was wondering if it would be possible to do any drills to get my tsuk onto mats higher so I can land on my feet? right now I can compete a front handspring vault and a half on which is basically a tsuk with no flipping and landing on the ground instead of a mat. Any tips?
  2. G

    WAG Major technical points for Tsuk

    I am teaching Tsuks as part of the Level 3 WAG module, I have done lots of research regarding the Tsuk but wondering if anyone had any really good technical points that will help me in the teaching of this skill
  3. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Kaz or tsuk?

    What is the difference between a Kazamatsu and tsukahara on vault?
  4. Flippingout

    WAG Tsuk vs. Yurchenko

    I have been seeing a lot about Tsuks and yurchenkos in the forums lately, and recently I saw something that seemed interesting to me. Which one seems to be the easier one?? I remember going to a gymnastics camp last summer, and I attempted a tsuk, and found out that it actually was a lot harder...
  5. H

    WAG Tsuk versus Yurchenko

    Hi, all. This question is for the coaches and more experienced parents out there. DD is competing L8 this season and is training both the Tsuk and Yurchenko. Aside from the different entry, what are the main differences between the two vaults? Is one more advanced than the other? Is it coach's...
  6. W

    WAG Since we're talking about vault... Tsuk vs. Yuri?

    I know pretty much nothing about the whys of either vault. DD has a poor FHS and I'll be happy when she can get past it. She's uptraining tsuks right now. We don't have many optionals and I don't think I've seen a Yuri out of any of the top girls. Vault has not been the gym's strong suit...
  7. I

    WAG Ready to compete tsuk in 6 months??

    I would like to start working on another vault rather than my FH. I am definitely a powerful gymnast. My FH on vault is pretty good I would say. I want to compete it next October, so about 6 months. Of course, I will decide it with my coach and we will try different drills. However, I was...
  8. S

    For Coaches Tsuk Drills

    When is it appropriate to start flipping Tsuk drills? I have some level 3s and 4s who have been working Tsuk entry pull to back into the foam pit (hands on the end of an in ground tramp) and some were having to stop themselves from flipping over and their block was great. it appropriate to let...
  9. M

    WAG New Skills (Tsuk, Giant & Back Handspring)

    So, Dd went to Flip Fest (week 2). This was her VERY first away camp. And though she was a little home sick in the beginning, she enjoyed herself. But what she enjoyed most was learning new skills. The guest this week were Svetlana Boguinskaia (she's super funny and I love that she worked w/ the...
  10. M

    WAG Yurchenko vs. Tsuk - which one is harder?

    Is a tsukahara or a yurchenko easier to learn? which one has a higher value? DD started with tsuks last week, although she is only L6. All of the girls could do them into the pit. After practice she told me her coach said that tsuk is something really hard. It might look easy into the pit, but...
  11. All Chalked Up

    WAG Piked tsuk drills

    Once my nose/cheekbone have healed & I'm allowed to start training for real, my coach wants me to do piked tsuk instead of tuck to avoid aforementioned injury. Getting good height was something I struggled with tucked tsuk, and where pike rotates slower I know it will need even more height to...
  12. B

    MAG Kaz vs Tsuk Full?

    What are the differences and reasons for doing each? Is one better than the other in the long run? Right now I'm training a full twisting tsuk but I'm not entirely sure if its a kaz or not. I round off left and twist left which makes me think it's a kaz, but Im not twisting off the table, I'm...
  13. M

    WAG Hand placement for tsuk vaults

    DD has previously competed tsuks vaults well. After a long break from working these vaults she is going back to tsuks. She is having a lot of trouble with the entry. Her coach keeps telling her she turns too early. She has been trying to fix this for a month now without much progress. She...
  14. profmom

    WAG Tsuk question

    This is likely just idle curiosity, because I think DD's gym only very rarely, if ever, teaches Tsuk progressions, but I'm wondering about the following. Is it possible to learn to do a good twisting Tsuk vault if a gymnast rounds off in one direction and twists in the other? DD (who has a quite...
  15. V

    WAG Tsuk Layout - Are they allowed in L8?

    DD tried a tsuk layout for the first time today. She thought it was a lot easier and she could get more air out of it than her pike. Is that an allowable vault at L8? I understand that it's a 10 SV at L9, so figure she needs to compete the pike this year. She's got a good pike, but she...
  16. cbifoja

    WAG Tsuk progression

    So DD has recently begun flipping her tsuks into the pit off of what I call a mouse door mat and is so eager to move to the table. My question is to prepare my poor weak heart for what comes next. How will her coaches progress her from the mouse door mat to the table? As the mother of this...
  17. V

    WAG Tsuk v. Yurchenko

    This question was mentioned in a different thread, but I didn't want to get it off topic. DD's new gym has L8s do tsuks. Her best friend just went to a new gym and their 8s compete yurchenkos. Do they score the same? Why do some gyms seem to favor tsuks and other yurchenkos? Many level 9s...
  18. S

    1st tsuk at state meet!

    I have been debating putting this one out there since it is not my child, but had to do it. My DD team mate finally decided to giver her tsuk a whirl the day before state meet. She had trained them on and off before this but nothing consistent. It was going well so coach let her do it and she...
  19. marie83

    Tucked Tsuk

    It's almost the end of our competition season and I am looking forward to continuing to work on some new skills with the gymnasts. The main skill I'm looking for drills for is the tucked tsuk. I have 3, possibly 4 gymnasts who could really do with learning this. They all have good half ons...
  20. C

    Vault landings? - Tsuk Pike

    DD is training level 8 and is sooo looking forward to finally being able to compete her tsuk. Coaches at her gym and at FlipFest camp say her vault is great, but I've only seen her do it unto a mat in the foam pit. I've noticed before that the higher level girls at our gym mostly vault into the...