Can any coaches or judges help me with a question about Floor CRs?

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Nov 10, 2018
Can any coaches / judges tell me if the following floor rules mean that there should be two backwards saltos in the routine to get all the CRs or if the salto with min 360 turn counts as two CRs? It looks like there should be three tumbles in the routine to me but my daughter only has two (handspring full twisting front and round off flick double twist). I don't want to embarrass myself (or her) by asking her coach as I'm not a gymnastics expert and find competition rules very confusing, so I wondered if anyone on here could help put my mind at rest that she's ok with just two tumbles. Thank you :)

Dance passage of 2 [min] different leaps or hops [one with 180° cross/side or straddle position]
Salto with LA turn (min. 360)
Salto bwd and salto fwd. (no aerials) in the same or different acro lines.
NB. CRs 2 and 3 must be performed within an acro line.]
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