Anon Level 6 Vault scoring and drills to improve?

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Jan 18, 2021
I've noticed level 6 vault scoring has been VERY low scoring all season across all teams in So Cal... no matter what vault is done, Yurchenko, Tsuak, or Front Handspring. I'd say 95% of gymnasts are getting 9.1 or lower with a few outliers getting 9.2-9.3s. (maybe a flukey 9.5). This is especially seen in the younger level 6s, but even the taller older level 6s are scoring pretty low.

If you look at top 100 scores of Level 6 vault on it appears So Cal doesn't have any high scoring level 6 vaulters compared to the rest of the country... or the judging is super hard. I'm leaning toward the later being true.

Our gym hardly even practices level 6 vault much compared to other events. Is it just that hard scoring in So Cal that it's not worth focusing on, when teams can goose scores on Beam, Floor and Bars much easier? i'd say the range of scores at some meets is only 8.7-9.2.. so the worst vaulters are at worst only losing a few tenths to the best vaulters in So Cal.
Region 2 here, but most of our optionals meets are out of state. Both within the region and at CA meets, our gymnasts are taking 2nd or 3rd place with 8.8s on vault. I see athletes getting 9.1s or 9.2s occasionally but most are not breaking 9.0 and are still doing great. I don’t know enough about vault progressions to explain it but it does stand out compared to our scores at other levels.
Our coaches have told us the judges are mainly looking at the form and quality of the block on the vault, compared to level 10s flipping the same entries. Obviously very few level 6's will reach that quality block so young, which is why they will max out at 9.2 ish. Just keep practicing and ignore the scores. You won't see much progress but compare her level 6 block to her level 7 and the difference should be clear.