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I'm pretty psyched about this meet. DD wasn't feeling up to going, but I'm glad she did. Even though she wasn't at her best, she was still pretty awesome. She started on bars and had a pretty fierce wipe out. I could hear her let out a grunt clear across the gym as her chest hit the low bar. She took a deep breath and finished her routine 8.600 5th Pl.

Here's the awesomeness part - she gathered herself, caught her breath, shook off the embarrassment she was feeling and got it together for beam. This meet was moving fast and she really didn't have much time to think about anything.

She scored a solid 9.475 2nd Pl. Then floor 9.250 3rd Pl. and finished strong on vault 9.325 5th Pl. The meet finished in 1+1/2 hrs and even the awards moved along quickly as they only went out 6 places. AA 36.650 3rd place and back in the car for a short drive home. I wish all the meets could run like this:D

Here's a vid Gymnastics Videobucket Channel on Vimeo
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TeamDad -

I find it amazing how our girls doing this sport continually manage to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and do the next routine. My dd had a crash during floor warmup this season where she didn't rotate her back tuck enough and landed on her back. Everyone in the gym drew in a breath and asked us if she was OK; of course we missed the whole thing talking to someone else since it was "just warm up". She pulled herself back together and nailed the routine. Last year she did a face plant on bars after her foot slipped off the low bar; no problem - she got boosted back to the high bar and finished and then moved to the next event. The tenacity just amazes me.

Aren't quick meets nice! We had one go in about 2 hours this season and we were all sitting there at the end going "its over? how can it be over yet, we haven't been here 3 hours?"

Take care.
Good for her, what a tough competitor she is. Nice AA score with that crash too. Does she have States soon?

I love quick meets. Both my girls competed back to back on Saturday, we arrived at 3pm and left at 9pm. It was a three hour drive too, I felt like I'd run a marathon after sitting on a hard bench for all that time. Spine transplant anyone?
Wow, that was a lightning fast meet, gotta love that! Great routines yet again!!! Too bad about the crash on bars. I'm just glad she didn't get hurt! We know she can rock the bars, just like the rest of her events! Congratulations, great job!!!:D
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Thanks Bog, dd's States are at the end of May. They're waaaay upstate again and are probably closer to you in Canada then where we live downstate. I'm sure she can't wait to get it over with and stick those L6 routines in her gym bag for the last time.
Thanks gymjourneymom, we're very grateful that she didn't hurt herself. I asked her after the meet if she had hurt herself. She said she was more embarrassed than anything else.

I think she was a little stressed and alot tired. After the crash, she had to just remember to have some fun and not put so much pressure on herself to do well.

Her rotation was a blast to watch with some of the top gymnasts in the state going head-to-head. These meets have been very good experience for her.
Isn't it wonderful that this sport teaches such great life lessons? Gymnasts are so incredible with their resilience. Great job on the meet.
Congratulations on a meet well done. Bars may not have gone how she'd have liked, but what a competitor to recover so quickly and finish so strong! Way to go! Can't wait to see how States go.

PS - It would be phenomenal if all meets ran that timely!
Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement. I'm getting pretty psyched about states. Dd still has two months left on her season (and 2 more meets) and I'm feeling confident that she still hasn't peaked it's looking like she's going to peak at just the right time.
Nice job at the meet, especially the comeback after a crash on bars. I always say it, but she is such a beautiful gymnast to watch. She makes those routines her own and they look so pretty. Liked the music you picked out for the video as well. :D

Good luck to her at her next meets and States. I am sure she will do amazing!
Thanks mariposa,

I'm going to be rooting for Abby big time next season. She's going to do great, I just know it!!!
Wow, what a great job she did after crashing on bars. These gymmies always amaze me. We had a little 9 yo actually slip off the highbar during her L6 bar routine and hit the low bar. She went on to place on beam and floor.

Congratulations to your dd! She is going to rock it at states. BTW, she is all leg, isn't she? Just gorgeous lines.

Great job!!! Especially after the crash on bars. That has to be tough to get back up and finish the meet strong. The video was awesome--I always love watching her vids--she has such a presence out there and she makes everything look so effortless. Her beam routine was exquisite!!! Good luck at states and any other meets that she has.
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