Sole Circles

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Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
I been looking at what else beside a giant that I could possibly do for level 7 next year (hopefully!) or at some point. I know clear hips...but mines are kind of sloppy (the coaches are being kind of confusing about it...I don't get how to do the "drop the shoulders aggressively" part...then again I'm not very aggressive about it) Anyways, do sole circles...all the way around the bar counts (I'm not talking about sole circle-stand-jump to HB)? How about a front sole circle (ie front sole circle to kip)?

Regardless, I'm going to try something new at gym tomarrow. I was looking googling this stuff up and I saw a list of skills for some prep opt division in some state and listed as a B skill was sole circle 1/2 turn kip...I wonder what that looks like though...


the only way i know of doing sole circles is a full, stand up jump to high bar. what are you talking about?
over here (australia) sole circles have been taken off the bonus list i think (correct me if i'm wrong) but some people still do them to gain all the requierments.
it's worth a shot trying them if you think it will help your ountine thouhg.
oh and with your clear hips. if you cant drive you shoulder try driving your feet, so once they have started to come around push them up around (fast) and finish the rotation.
i hope that helped


Jul 5, 2007
It's the same idea as a switch kip or the L5 swing half turn dismount really, actually probably easier if you have decent flexibility and keep your toes on in the circle. If you don't have a straight leg sole circle to shoot, then that would be necessary first. It's an extension to a very early blind change action.


Jul 5, 2007
Don't let go and do the L5 dismount on the extension, but change the hand that's in undergrip instead of pushing off the bar.


Jun 24, 2008
You have to show clear support, so a sole circle wouldn't count as a circling skill. Maybe you could try a toe-on toe-off, which is similar to a clear hip/stalder.
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