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  1. S

    Parents Vent, Daughter's floor routine is driving me Crazy!

    My daughter had a great floor routine choreographed last year, at great expense when she was in level 7, our floor coach at the time had made the decision that all optional routines would only have 2 tumbling passes, so that's how it was choreographed. My daughter had to have surgery before the...
  2. M

    WAG Quick Question: How long can a Level 7 Floor Routine be?

    What is the maximum time limit for a Level 7 floor routine? Can it be 1:30? My daughter just switched gyms and levels, and is being told the max length is 1:20. But everything I'm reading online says Levels 7 - 10 can be up to 1:30 (and Level 6 can be up to 1:15). I completely understand...
  3. vans2

    WAG Deductions for DD Floor Routine

    Hi everyone! We just had our first lvl 6 practice meet. She's been recovering from partially torn ligaments in her left foot, but I was very curious how much deductions she's receiving due to the obviously crooked front tuck (because she still doesn't fully punch on the left foot anymore) and...
  4. A

    WAG Floor routine

    I got a new floor routine last year, and I really don't like it. I want to get a new floor routine, and the coach I want to do it with isn't my main coach(she coaches me once a week and I've known her since I was little), but I'm afraid to tell my main coach because she choreographed my previous...
  5. G

    WAG Level 10 floor routine

    I am trying to determine the start value of a floor routine for level 10. The skills are round off back handspring double back (or double pike), switch ring to switch side, front layout to front pike, 1 1/2 turn, and round off 1 1/2 to front layout. Can you please explain the value and the bonus...
  6. L

    Simone Biles new floor routine

    What do you think about Simone Biles's new routine? Personally I think her old one was much more fun and entertaining. I do like how she kept some of her signature dance moves though.
  7. P

    WAG press handstands in a floor routine allowed?

    Are press handstands allowed in a floor routine? Well, I guess they are allowed, but do judges like to see them? Combo I am thinking about: Back Extension Roll to Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Tuck Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Straddle Press Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Pike...
  8. MommaLove

    Parents Bronze Level Floor Routine Requirements :)

    Can someone please let me know what are the requirements for a Bronze Level Floor Routine? My daughter did excellent last year competing but with this floor routine she doenst have a a shot she can do the tumbling passes it just looks very sloppy and effortless. The coaches didnt spend the...
  9. MommaLove

    Requirements for Bronze Level Floor Routine

    Hi (New Here) what are the required and optional tumbling passes for her Bronze Floor Routine. She has a round off double back handspring Tuck Jump Leap Jump Front Hand Spring Hand Stand Foward Roll PS. I still dont like her routine. its sloppy and weak which is a whole other Thread.
  10. curlygirls

    WAG Question about L5 Floor Routine

    Is it a deduction if you step hurdle into the ROBHSBT instead of running into it (other than possible deductions for lack of power, form, etc)? If so, how much? Thanks!
  11. X

    WAG Floor Routine

    My daughter is putting together her first floor routine in preparation for her first competition next month, her coach has requested a blank cd to record her floor music on so she can practice at home. I know she cannot do her skills but she dies wants to run through her cheography. Is there is...
  12. J

    WAG New floor routine right before a meet?

    My DD, 10, is going to be competing at the upcoming HOPEs classic. Her floor music right now is Addams family, and definitely is a "cutesy" routine. It works at normal level ten meets, since she is always the youngest one there. However this meet will be all kids around her age at the same...
  13. curlymomof3

    WAG Required length of Level 6 floor routine

    Hi all! Just an observation and quick question. At a meet over the weekend, Dd competed against a Level 6 team that had extremely short floor routines. I didn't time them, but they were definitely shorter than the norm. Despite this, the team all scored extremely well on floor (mid 9's). Is...
  14. Gymnast_Tor

    WAG Xcel new changes- lower start value on Floor Routine?

    Hey guys. At my meet on Saturday, us Xcel Silvers performed our floor routines just like at the previous meet in late december, where we started out of a 10.0 start value. At this meet, we were judged out of a 9.5 start value! I can't seem to understand why we were lesser this time, as my coach...
  15. emma m

    WAG Learning Custom Floor Routine

    Currently I'm in xcel gold and at my gym, everyone has to choose between 3 music pieces and routines until they're platinum, when they get their custom routine. There's a chance I'm moving up next year so I want to know, after you choose your music what happens? Does your coach choreograph it or...
  16. F

    MAG Quick Floor Routine Construction Question

    Can you connect an acrobatic skill to a dive roll? For example, would FHS Front 1/1 (C) + Dive Roll (A) be acceptable. The rest of passes will end in stick. This is for JO L10.
  17. R

    WAG Level 6 floor routine requirements

    I saw a floor routine this weekend from a level 6 that looked like the same elements in a level 5 routine but without the FSO FHS series... So the main elements were BHS BT, FT, split leap and I think a BHS. I was just wondering what the requirements are for L6 floor. I couldn't find it on the...
  18. G

    Parents Critique this USAG level 4 floor routine?

    This past weekend was my 8 yr old's first level 4 meet. I'm attaching her floor routine. Before I tell u her score, can you please critique it - don't feel the need to hold back. I know her straddle jump could've been higher and her back extension roll less archy. What else? Also, what would u...
  19. Jenny

    WAG Sia - Chandelier floor routine

    UK nationals - Ellie Botterill. Really different and beautifully done. Outstanding leaps.
  20. A

    WAG Optional floor routine dilemma:(

    So I need some opinions. My 9 yr old DD is competing 7 this year. Last year, she had a cute floor routine for Level6/Gold. At the end of August, HC gave us the option of keeping last years floor routine, and just upgrading the tumbling, or picking new music and learning a new routine. My DD...