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  1. G

    WAG Level 8 Front Giant

    Can a Level 8 use a front giant in their bar routine? If so, how would you compose the routine?
  2. G

    For Coaches Level 8 Front Giant

    Can a Level 8 use a front giant in their bar routine? If so, how would you compose the routine?
  3. C

    WAG Giant Troubles

    My DD competed level 7 without a giant but is now working Level 8 and absolutely needs it. She is struggling and feeling really frustrated. Her coaches have been really trying to get her there but she doesn’t know how to apply the feedback. She says she knows she needs to shoot her toes up but...
  4. V

    For Parents Ocd elbow and back giant

    Hello, my name is Valeria and I speak Spanish, so I'm sorry if something is wrong. My 12-year-old daughter has OCD in her elbow and is returning to gymnastics after conservative treatment. She has no pain, and he fully extends her arm. But she still can't move her hand for a back giant Has the...
  5. M

    WAG Giant problems

    My daughter has been trying to learn a giant for TWO years and it’s just not happening for her. The gym has a strap bar and she does them with ease and great form there. Today, a coach spotted her not as much on the high bar and she flew off several times. Help!!! She is sooo ready to move...
  6. L

    WAG Giant half? Blind change?

    What is the difference between a blind change and a giant half? I realize this might be a very dumb question.
  7. M

    How can I learn a giant on the uneven bars?

    Hi there, I am an older and taller (5'1) level 7 gymnast and I really want to learn a giant. I have been doing strap bar giants for a year and they are ready to move onto the wood bar. This was my first year competing level 7 and I had two free hips in my routine to fulfill the requirements...
  8. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Back Giant vs. Front Giant

    Basic question....what's the difference? In my head, the difference should be that in a front giant, you lead with the front of your body going into a forward sort of motion, whereas the back giant, you'd lead with your back, going backwards. But that doesn't seem to be the case. When my son...
  9. Jard.the.gymnast

    Baby/ threequarter giant

    I am trying to get my baby giant, like the one in the level 5 bar routine. I am very close, but i keep making the motion of a kip ( bringing my toes/knees to the bar instead of my hips). Any tips on how i can fix this?
  10. L

    WAG Suggestions Needed - Moving Giant from Pit to Real Bars when gymmie has fears

    As most of you know, my DD made a tremendous comeback from a broken tibia and fibula. She has had a great 1/2 season and has all of her level 7 skills back. She is even doing tsuk drills, which I thought she would NEVER do. However, about 10 months ago while she was in the midst of...
  11. M

    WAG Baby giant in level 6

    Hey, DD has her first level 6 meet this weekend! (eek!!) We cant watch practice but I noticed the last few minutes last week and saw that she was doing a baby giant and most were not. I asked her and she said that 7 of our 9 level 6's were doing just kip cast dismount off high but 2 of them...
  12. J

    For Coaches Making the transition from overlow to Giant

    I have a gymnast who can't seem to make the change from overlow to giant. Every time we work giants, she closes the shoulder angle at the last second (even spotted). I cant posted a video, but she gets almost to handstand and then closes her shoulders. She casts to handstand fine. Her fall from...
  13. S

    WAG RANT: My 10yo is not a giant!

    I am sick of adults commenting on my DDs height! She's 4'10 and starting optionals this year, a perfectly normal and healthy height and weight. I realize that we live in a part of the world where women and girls are of short stature and are possibly slower to mature but that doesn't mean my...
  14. Buckeyegymnast

    Giant / Flyaway Fear

    Hi everyone, my name is Leia and I am 14 years old and I am training for level 9. My problem is that I will do my giants but no flyaway on the pitbar and then when I get to the high bar I won't do either my giants or my flyaway without someone standing there or spotting me. I have had my giants...
  15. SurpriseGymMom

    WAG Another giant question

    the Giants thread got me thinking (and I didn't want to hijack): which form of giants is "harder"? Doing it by yourself on the regular bar/single bar (wooden bar) or doing them on the strap bar? DD can now do them by herself on the regular single bar, and on the high bar of the uneven bars, but...
  16. W

    WAG Solo drills for giant/baby giant

    Hi all- I've looked through the skill thread for giant/baby giant drills but it looks like a lot of the really good ones require a coach to spot. Does anyone have suggestions for drills (especially to encourage strong tapping and correct timing, and discourage arching over the top) that a...
  17. S

    WAG Baby giant

    I thought that there was a baby giant in the L5 bar routine, but apparently not (DD just competed that level this fall and when she did that move she called it a baby giant but now she says it wasn't). She now does a similar move, but from a bigger cast, but she comes all the way around, says...
  18. G

    For Coaches Long hang kip and baby giant problems

    Hi! I coach a group of 9-10 year old girls who are in level C here in Finland. I know it doesn't say anything to you so let me explain. It's the second compulsory level in the order and the first level where kip is needed - sort of. Their routine is done on high bar only (wooden) and it has...
  19. kayjaybe

    WAG Finally got the giant

    I had posted a while ago about dd's fear of her giant. She finally is doing them on her own. They aren't pretty....but that will come. I'm just so happy she's enjoying practicing again and looks forward to working her new routines. She had her first L7 meet this weekend. No medals, but she only...
  20. JBS

    Uneven Bars Front Giant

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- A front giant is an artistic...