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  1. Gymnastbecki

    WAG Front walkover on beam?

    Recently I have been trying to learn a front walkover on the beam! I can do them really well on the floor but when I get onto the beam I'm too scared because you can't see where you feet are going when you come over the top! I'm scared that my foot will slip off or miss the beam! How do I get...
  2. S

    WAG Front walkover on beam before back handspring?

    Is this typical? and how do they compare difficulty-wise? *I don't want to ask DD*
  3. Araemom

    WAG Is there any skill that can replace back walkover on beam lvl 6

    Ok...without going into detail on why my level 6 gymnast cant do a back walkover or a back handspring on beam (this would be like writing a short novel)...is there anything else that can replace those? Can she do say a round off or front walkover? What if she did a skill to replace the back...
  4. L

    WAG how can i do a back and front walkover???

    I try it at the wall the front walkover and i get scared and i say tommorrow i will do it, and the back i cant push my leg. I am a begginner 12 years old.
  5. P

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    My daughter is having issues with this skill. She actually said she hated it. She has started practicing her BHS on beam and says this is easier. She is still on the floor doing the BHS on a foam beam. She says the BWO hurts her back. Is she perhaps doing it wrong or is she just not...
  6. All Chalked Up

    WAG Back walkover back handspring on beam

    I've been having some issues with BWO BHS on beam- more mental than anything else! Are there any drills I can do at home to make myself more comfortable? I have a foldable floor beam "line" I can use. Thanks! EDIT: coaches, do you prefer your gymnasts to do BWO BHS two foot or BWO BHS stepout...
  7. Libby's gym mom

    Back walkover on beam

    Hi, newbie here . My daughter has just turned 7 and has already made squad status , which I'm proud of . My gripe is , Libby can do backwalkovers on a high beam and has done so for a month or so but all of a sudden she's very frightened again ? Any tips ? It's so frustrating !!
  8. amblan01

    How long will it take to get a back walkover?

    I need it by August for the next level. I don't have a backbend kickover because my back and shoulders are stiff. Is it possible to gain back and shoulder flexibility and get a backbend kickover by then? That is the one skill that will move me forward. I am prepared to work hard enough to get it...
  9. S

    WAG Is a Back walkover Allowed?

    Is a back walkover allowed in a Xcel Silver beam routine?
  10. L

    WAG Standing splits and walkover drills?

    Hi! I have good front splits (oversplits of about 4-5 inches) and also my middle split as well as great shoulder and back flexibility. I was wondering what you need to be able to hold your leg up when you are in a bridge and going to do a walkover. Or if you do a scale and hold your leg up in...
  11. F

    Coaches back walkover back handspring connection

    Does anyone have a video of a great back walkover back handspring connection on beam? (level 7) And a video of a close connection but no credit, I am struggling trying to decide whether or not one of my gymnasts is connecting, she did not get credit last meet, but I was not there so I didn't...
  12. htimcj

    WAG More common- Back Walkover/Back Walkover or Back Walkover/BHS?

    Which tends to be the more common series for level 6 or 7, the back walkover/back walkover with BHS separate or the back walkover/back handspring series with no extra bhs? DD already has the BWO/BWO and separate BHS and is connecting the BWO/BSH on the floor beam. Just wondering when each...
  13. J

    Back walkover help!?

    Any advice/tips on how to get my back walkover!?
  14. J

    Front walkover help!?

    Any advice on how to get my front walkover?!
  15. Salto

    Front Walkover beam help.

    Okay so when I was a level five (now four) I had my front walkover on high beam no problem, I stuck them every time. We took a little break from front walkovers and now I cant do them even on the low beam. I get to a split handstand and just turn of. Any tips? P.S I have my front walkover on...
  16. cbone

    WAG "I need to get my back walkover on beam!"

    My little one brought her little foam roll-up beam out of the closet last night at 10:00. I said, "Sweetie, why are you getting that out right now?" She replied, "I need to get my back walkover on beam!" I said, "Why? You don't need that skill for this next level." She gave me the look and...
  17. Committed

    WAG Front walkover question

    DD has been trying to get her front walkover for awhile now and is having a problem with the landing. 99.9% of the time, she lands on her toes and her leg gives beneath her, and she ends up on her back. What's the issue? Thanks!
  18. ~Gymnast~

    Back walkover problems!

    I am in level 3 ( working on level 4 skills ) but i cant do a back walkover. I can do a back handspring and front handspring, but yet i cant do a back walkover. My coach says i have to push off with my right leg, because it is stronger. I do that, but i still get stuck in the air and then i go...
  19. B

    WAG troubled back walkover on beam / Mental block?

    im competing level 5 this year so i dont need it just yet but my coach wants us to have it by the end of season to get to backhand springs! all the other girls have it on low beam! the thing is i terrified of them i can do it easily with spot on low beam my coach just puts her hand on my back to...
  20. E

    Front Walkover Help

    Hi I am a level 3 gymnast and i need to get my front walkover before i can go up to level 4. Does anyone know how to get it. I can get to bridge but can't get up:( Any comments would be appreciated.