Could he almost have his KIP?

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Jun 6, 2008
DS has been working it for 2 months....He gets to to about 11 o'clock maybe even 12, but his center of gravity just is not over the bars enough to stay up.
I think it is the wrist shift....he shifts it and sometimes his hand slips off over the bar ....his arms are nice and straight at least:p...

He keeps his thighs relatively close to the bar during the pants up phase, but sometimes he kicks his heels down too much...I think that kills it...

Is this almost there?? Is the last inch the hardest???
Don't kick heels. Keep legs on bar from ankles to hips. Shift wrists. It could be waiting on when to push as well, most kids push too early when practicing kips. They need to let their butt swing back after they extend and snap back their feet to the bar in that |V position.
tell him to go for a 'front hip circle' when he feels the upswing.
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