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  1. O

    Need Cardio Conditioning List

    I am 16 level 10 and needs help with cardio because our practices move very fast if anyone had any ideas let me know. I can run 5k but it is really slow. Thanks!
  2. Z

    WAG Conditioning - what works best?

    Gymnasts, coaches and parents! I would love to hear how you or your gymnasts are conditioning! There is no real conditioning concept at my gym, it is more like whatever the coaches prefer on a given day. In my opinion the gymnasts would profit by a structured conditioning. So I have been...
  3. LivGym23


    Anyone have a good conditioning list for at home? I am working on my press handstand and need more core, and arm conditioning. Thanks!
  4. R

    For Coaches Shoulder Strength Conditioning

    Hi there, I've just started coaching again after a long-ish break from it and I've forgotten everything... I need help with some shoulder conditioning that I can make up a conditioning sheet with. Things like chin ups and stuff, but I want to target shoulders. Any ideas would be super helpful...
  5. G

    Conditioning help plz

    So I was wondering if u guys have a list of conditioning that u guys could give me. I would like some arm and ab conditioning because that is what I am lacking in strength. Bars is my worst event so I think I could better it by getting stronger abs and stronger arms. My legs are fairly...
  6. Delia4

    Calf, Shin, and Knee Pain/Soreness

    PLEASE HELP!!! Lately I have noticed that my calves hurt at practice. I haven't noticed it during normal activity, but the other day it hurt to JUMP!? Not very intense or anything, just uncomfortable(at least landing it was) We did floor first that day and I still did front tucks, robhshs, front...
  7. D

    For Coaches Boys conditioning schedule help

    Boys gymnastics conditioning question. My boys team currently only goes three days a week as I have responsibilities coaching girls optional team too( and their are a lot more of the then my whole boys team). The boys go wed, sat and Sunday. I'm looking for the most effecient conditioning...
  8. L

    WAG How much time is spent on conditioning each practice

    Let me first apologize if this topic has been beat into the ground. I did many searches before asking the question. I'm trying to see what the avg amount of a 4 hour practice 5 days a week is spent only on conditioning. How many coaches spend the same amount of conditioning each practice. Or...
  9. M

    WAG geddert's conditioning?

    I just read this in the Coach Forum but I can't reply there so I decided to open a new thread here! This Conditioning looks great! But it says there are 3x10 pull-ups for a Level1 and 3x20 for a...
  10. coachmolly

    For Coaches Conditioning Chart for Pre-Team

    I have a new pre-team group, girls ages 7-12 who are fresh from rec. classes. Quite a few of them have very good natural strength, but it is overall an area where they are lacking as a group. In an effort to encourage conditioning while still making it fun and helping them to see their progress...
  11. G

    WAG How is your conditioning organized and structured?

    How is your conditioning organized and structured? Do you do it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the practice? Do you have circuits or do you do the conditioning on the floor all together and at the same time? Or do you use conditioning sheets with repetition numbers the kids...