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  1. L

    OT high school classes?

    So it's the time of the year where we are picking classes for 9th grade. I decided to have 6 credits leaving me two study halls all year. But i don't know if i should take another class so i have one study hall because two might be too much. So do any high schoolers know if two study halls would...
  2. C

    high school gymnastics

    Hello this is my first year doing high school gymnastics. I have been in gymnastics for ten years and I've had four different gyms but I've never had a coach like this. A week ago I was at a meet and I threw my double twist for the first time since July. My foot caught the floor at 1 and 3/4. I...
  3. B

    For Parents Can we talk about balancing training and school work/homework?

    As my DD's training hours increase (and as she gets older) I find myself thinking about this more. She does very well in school, but I worry about her getting enough rest. So far, we have managed to juggle everything and have her get enough sleep; however, she is still in elementary school. I...
  4. C

    High School Invitational Rotations

    All- I am a fairly new head coach at the high school level in Minnesota. I am trying to get things together for an invitational I have coming up in a few weeks, but I am having some trouble getting the meet rotation down correctly. This is the first year I will be having to run the...
  5. H

    New at Gymnastics in High School

    So I do gymnastics at my high school, and I'm really really bad. I admit I mostly do it to have a winter sport (other options are basketball - already tried it - bowling, and wrestling >.<), but I enjoy the team, the atmosphere, and the sport as a whole. So I figure the main problem with my...
  6. fishchimes

    Boarding school vs. Gymnastics

    I'm having a bit of a conflict because there's a prestigious boarding school that I'd like to apply to (because my current high school is, frankly, filled with morons-- yes, even the honors and AP classes), but because I'd be a residential student, I'd have no way of doing gymnastics. Believe it...
  7. G

    OT How was your first day of school?

    Seeing as quite a few people went back to school today I thought I'd ask how your first day was? Where you excited to go back and see you friends, or do you wish it was still summer? Who got homework? How big is your class? Who went to a new school this year? Parents: Who was your first day...
  8. IrenicMom

    For Parents She survived the first week of school and practice!

    We started school this week, which includes full day Kindy for Q. I was worried she would be exhausted (practice is right after school) - but again, my fears were unfounded. She was fine. In other news, she's moving right along; the broken arm earlier this summer has not hampered her...
  9. Optionals United

    Summer and back to school

    Ok there was already a concversation about this in the parent forum so I decided to give everyone a chance to talk about it. So, when are you/dd going back to school, are you/dd in school already, or do you go to year round?Also what are most excited, scared,and sad about school starting...
  10. S

    Floor in high school

    Okay in case anyone doesn't know, I'm going to do high school gymnastics next year, but it keeps making me less excited when I think about the fact that I won't be competing on a spring floor. It's just so annoying to think that I'll be doing everything on a mat. Can anyone tell me how hard it...
  11. S

    High school gymnastics skills

    Okay I am going to do high school gymnastics next year and I have been watching lots of videos on high school gymnastics. I notice some weird skills that different people do. Here are some 1. Lots of people do a roundoff two back handsprings into a back tuck. What's even weirder is that some...
  12. E

    For Parents P.E. classes at school

    With the weather turning warm and the rain stopping, Emma's school has had the kids outside for PE classes. I think this is awesome, but we hit a problem this week. They have lots of jungle gym bars, and the walking tracks, and the outside gym that you see next to walking trails. Her...
  13. A

    How much do high school gymnastics coaches make?

    i know this is a personal question to answer, if you are a hs coach, but it would really help me out. this is what i am considering as a career, but i cannot find a reliable source to estimate the salary/earnings per hour. thank you for your answers!
  14. S

    Advice on high school gymnastics

    Okay I have been planning to do high school gymnastics next year. I was so excited when I used to think about it but I have been thinking too much about the downsides. The biggest is some of the equipment changes. I know they use foam mats instead of spring floors, and some other different...
  15. Invisible Duck

    How does High School gym work wher you are??

    ....... Just wondering how your high school gym program works? Is it only for high level kids or for everyone? How is it scored? How are awards etc done? What do you think of it? Here, most schools only train for about one term during the year and then there is a big competition at the end...
  16. GetaGrip

    High School

    Most of this is just venting, just to let you know... I'm finishing up 8th grade, and they just handed out our course request sheets. I, of course, am personally very freaked out. There are so many requirements! I just learned about the a-g requirements, that you need 230 credits, and what...
  17. L

    School teams..

    So my school has a gymnastics team that meets Mon.-Fri. for about either an hour and a half to two hours. I plan on trying out and I would be in heaven if I made it on. Theres only one problem .. they only take 20 kids. Last year about 8 girls were cut. From what I heard it was only because they...
  18. S

    OT Homeschool or public school? hmmm

    SO right now i am being home schooled. I have been home schooled since we moved from Idaho and I was in 2nd grade. I like being home schooled its been good... but... I am thinking about trying something new and going to public school. If you are in public school will you give me some ideas of...
  19. G

    Parisi Speed School

    Has anyone ever heard of this or used this? And if so, do you think it's a good program for a gymnast to improve her vault? Dennis
  20. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Meets on School days!

    for dd's first meet She will miss a day of school (if she had a ton under her belt no way woudl I let her. anyhow what is your take on kids getting out of school.