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  1. tucktwisttumble

    WAG College gymnastics is spectacular - The sport’s scoring system is abjectly bonkers.

  2. Nikki4

    WAG Kpac qualifier scoring

    Quick question... We were watching scores from the qualifier this morning and wondering why they were not using elite scoring? There are hopes and jrs.
  3. 1canadiangymmom

    WAG Live scoring

    If a meet is not listed on, is there any other live scoring sights that the meet might be using in the USA?
  4. rosiekat

    MAG Compulsory scoring

    (My question is specific to Level 6, Division I where it matters.) First level 6 meet was this past weekend, definitely some successes and weaknesses. But for the first time, the scorecard had start values marked on it. (At least, I'm assuming that's what SV meant.) I'm trying to figure out...
  5. C

    WAG Regional scoring variability

    So after reading the Level 4 mobility score post, I was wondering what regions folks feel have "easier" vs. "harder" scoring. I wonder how broad the scoring variability is, especially given the nationally set mobility scores... I feel like I read a post about that on here before but couldn't...
  6. LindyHopper

    WAG Live scoring for MSO

    So... How long ago did Meet Scores Online start charging $2.99/month for live scoring? My husband thinks it totally sucks. He says every gym that uses it should find another company... One that doesn't charge spectators. (He's really frustrated, because he can't make Short Stack's meet this...
  7. S

    WAG L5 beam - fall and scoring question

    Asking for a friend, since she is not on here and I am not sure. If a kid falls off beam on the BWO without touching any part of a foot to the beam, and then gets back on the beam and resumes the routine with whatever comes after the BWO, does the kid get a deduction for the fall plus a...
  8. M

    WAG Different areas and scoring

    The thread about level 4 mobility scores got me thinking, are there really big differences scoring wise between different states/areas? If so, which states/areas tend to score high and which tend to give out lower scores? I can think of two states that our girls like going to because they seem...
  9. GymSnax

    Parents FIG/European competition scoring standards

    Can anyone provide me an idea of what the European standard of scoring is and what does it mean? DD just had her first competition in Finland after a season competing in the US and the scoring seemed much tougher than what she is used to. Last year, she scored mostly in the 9's with occasional...
  10. T

    Live Scoring

    is there a website that has the live scoring?
  11. R

    Parents Scoring Presentaion/Attitude

    I've heard coaches speak of "presention" to get a better score. My confusion is they speak of things such as chin up, shoulders down, having a confident attitude. But I see nowhere, where this is part of deductions. Soooo, how does this work? Are judges just more forgiving of other things if a...
  12. Ali'sMom

    WAG HOPES Classic - anyone know about any live scoring?

    We have a gymmie going to the Classic on Friday. I know cell service and wifi is sketchy in the gym, so I won't get much updates from the mom... So if anyone knows anywhere that there might be live scoring that I can stalk, I'd love to know!!!! Thanks!
  13. Ali'sMom

    WAG Live scoring for JO Nationals?

    Does anyone know if there will be any live scoring for Nationals?
  14. T

    Parents Scoring Question

    This is DDs first competitive season and it has been so much fun to watch. We are new to the sport of gymnastics and my husband and I are curious how they score the vault. Do they take the best score out of the two or do they average the two scores?
  15. B

    WAG Changes to Elite Scoring???

    I was watching the American Cup where Tim Dagget mentioned scoring is getting harder and no one will get scores as high as they were at the Olympics. Dagget said the scores will generally be a full point lower than the scores at the Olympics. What were these changes made that is making the...
  16. sce

    MAG JD scoring

    So much new stuff this year. I was following the scores of a JD competition, as we know a few of the competitors. My kid is not JD. I thought I understood the scoring but then some scores were higher than I thought possible. Can someone explain scoring for JD? Also are the deductions for form...
  17. T

    Parents How does Xcel scoring work?

    My DD just competed the bronze level this past weekend and I was confused on how they do scoring because of the flexibility of skills allowed. For example my DD does a backhandspring in her floor routine but received a lower score than another child that did not do one. I'm not complaining or...
  18. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Help Understanding Bonus Flub-Ups and Scoring

    I've heard that attempting a bonus and flubbing it can result in a lower score than if you hadn't tried the bonus at all. Can anyone give me an example of this? I'd like to better understand it?
  19. jenjean70

    MAG Scoring Change

    My son had his mock meet this past weekend and I was surprised at the scores. I found out that in level 7 the same vault he did last year used to have max value of 13+ (that's the bonus vault) and this year it has a max value of 10...The non bonus vault starts at a 9.5. Also all of the events...
  20. E

    Parents Scoring low in first 3 competitions..

    Hello! Dd works out with her L3 team 20 hours a week and this is her first competition season with them. She's placed in the lower half of her first 2 competitions and scored almost last in her most recent (the 3rd) competition, and I just wondered is this normal and/or ok for a first-season...