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  1. flippinlolly

    Switch split leap help

    One of my teammates has a lot of trouble with her switch leaps. ITs a shame because she's amazing at everything else, she's really talented but this is one thing that brongs her down and its a compulsory element in our routines! She just cant seem to get the leg that switches up. ITs almost...
  2. T

    Bars - split to handstand

    What's the difference between doing a split to handstand or just going into a handstand? I've noticed that most, if not all, other girls do a split to a handstand while dd just goes straight up to a handstand with legs together. I asked her what the difference is and she said that it's just the...
  3. Gymgrl111

    Banana Split Meet

    I am curious, is anyone going to the Banana Split meet at Apex Gymnastics? I am competing in this meet, and wanted to know if anyone else is. I am in the 3rd session.
  4. K

    Thigh bone out of the acetabulum while being in gymnastics split?

    Hello every one! My friend told me that when somebody is doing gymnastics split the femoral head is getting out from the acetabulum, more or less like this: Is it true? To be more precise I mean a split exactly like this one: I'm not a medic or gymnast, I don't even know English well so...
  5. P

    Parents Split Season (level 6/7)

    Our daughter just completed her Level 6 Season and is going to start competing Level 7 after Christmas. Our gym moves kids up in either the summer or after the compulsory season, which is now. She did Level 5 last fall and started competing Level 6 this past January. She's only 10 and...
  6. pink ranger

    Do you have to be able to do a split in order to do a back handspring?

    Just curious. We've done a few back flips in the gym occasionally. I was wondering, for a beginner, would not being able to do a split/very flexible prevent you from doing a back handspring?
  7. F

    Split 3/4 jump on beam

    Does anyone know the value of a split 3/4 jump on beam? Are you allowed to compete it for level 8? What about 9?
  8. L

    Coaches How long to get your split straddles?

    Just a general idea. My daughter who just started seems to be naturally flexible. She has never stretched before and is decently close. Does it typically take a year, can it take much less? Is it harder for younger kids or is it harder for older kids. Is there really any standard behind...
  9. L

    split leap leg change to ring

    One of my gymnasts is performing a split change leap to ring, the problem being that she cannot bend her back leg! She has hyper flexibility in her hip flexors, and her back, and has very square & flat splits, even when raised at up to 60cm. However her hamstrings are quite tight, she has done...
  10. M

    Lack of squareness in split

    My daughter is fairly flexibly and can do both her right and left cheat split. I say cheat because she sits both of them down on the outside hip. So not technically a perfect split. Sometimes the coach corrects her but the next time she does her splits she keeps making the same mistake. I...
  11. I

    split leaps level 5

    Hi. My daughter is a 8 year old (almost) level 5. She is very good, confident, on beam. She can also be a bit aggressive on her leaps, straight jumps, etc. Her coach has been telling her to land her leaps on the ball of her foot and to be more quiet on the beam. When her teammate does a...
  12. N

    Middle Split Help

    i am having problems getting my straddle split all the way down. i am about 3-4 inches away from the ground. does anyone have any good stretches for straddles?