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  1. fearundercontrol

    help with my bridge walkover

    I can kick over from a bridge if I do it with my feet up on a mat, but if I try to do it from the floor, from the same level my hands are at...well, it just doesn't happen. I don't know if I don't have the strength or what, but I simply can't kick over. Help?
  2. dkgymnast

    Back walkover on beam

    I've had my back walkover on beam for 2 years now and I usually always land it except lately as soon as my hands hit the beam I already know I'm not going to land it because I'm not even in close to being in line with the beam anymore... what am I doing wrong ?
  3. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Leg position in back walkover

    What is the advantage of training a back walkover starting with one leg up?
  4. S

    My DD Delighted To Have A New Skill And It Isn't Even A Back Walkover On The Beam:)

    After some of the posts today about fast tracking kids, I wanted to tell everyone that gymnasts really do get true joy out of the simple accomplishments and for me that is worth it. My 5 year old dd got her cartwheel on the beam and she was so proud of herself she just kept doing it. Yeah!
  5. P

    Back Walkover?

    When I am doing my back walkover on the beam, I feel as if it is going too quickly and I cannot get my hands on the beam in time...can anybody help me slow down my back walkover so I have time to find the beam? thanks!!
  6. P

    Back Walkover on Beam

    Hi everyone im hoping you can help me...i am training level 6 and i really really REALLY want to get my back walkover on beam. only problem is that when I try them on the low beam with panel mats, my hands never make it on the beam, i don't know why but i'm actually AFRAID to put my hands...
  7. All Chalked Up

    Front walkover

    I have had my front walkover for a really long time but I would always land in a squat. I was always using my left foot to start, so I tried using my right. I got it perfectly :), but I'm wondering if it will mess other skills up for me in the long run. Does anyone have advice? Thanks!
  8. M

    Parents Guess What:) Emily got her back walkover on beam... Solid as a Rock

    I didn't want to brag thursday because I actually missed it. Of course.... I leave that night instead of watch and she gets it. However, lots of moms and her team mates were like yes she got it... I saw it. Turns out she did over 183 of them at practice. WEll I had scheduled a private after...
  9. M

    Parents Back Walkover on Beam and punch front punch front on floor:)

    Emily did it... 2 nights ago she finally actually started going backwards on the high beam by herself. I am so proud of her. She is still very apprehensive about the skill so the form needs some work but that will come as her confidence improves... 4 practices till first level 6 meet and I...
  10. G

    Front Walkover (on Beam)

    Ok, so I just started working my front walkover on beam on wednesday. I got it on thursday. But right now I can only do it on the medium hieght beam. (abt. 2 ft, maybe higher off the ground) I have this fear issue with beam, and even if I have a skill perfect on lower beams, it takes me sooooo...
  11. M

    Parents WE have a flyaway:) Yes.....and Back Walkover Beam is closer than ever.....

    Tonight's Practice was awesome.... Emily started on Bars tonight and was doing flyaway drills on the pit bar and then Emily did a flyaway into the pit landing on a mat instead of the blue pit foam. First time, I didn't think she would let go but she did just a bit late so she landed touching...
  12. GetaGrip

    What is a front walkover worth?

    I was wondering, for level 7 beam, what is a front walkover worth? An A, B, C? I know how to do one, but I was wondering if I would get credit for doing it or if I would just be wasting my time. -GCG
  13. B

    Backbend and Back Walkover Problems

    I need some help....everytime I do a Backbend my knees bend forward and I do that while im in my bridge, anyway to help that? And when I do a Back Walkover, my legs just come together and I do a bridge. I need help please.
  14. E

    front walkover on cheese

    Hi everyone. does anyone have a good skill for front walk overs on a cheese.:)
  15. Mom2GymMonkey

    Parents DD got her front walkover!

    DD is level 3/pre-team. L3s and L4s practice together. When they practice the front walkovers coach always tells them if they can't do the FWO to "just do a front limber." Well, tonight DD had her mat out and was practicing some basics. Then she said "Mom, I think I can do the front...
  16. B

    Back Walkover, Back Handspring Connection

    Has anyone seen a video of this online? It seems there is a huge deduction for not connecting this on beam. I heard you can't swing your arms either. Would love to see this done perfectly.
  17. L

    Back Walkover Tips

    My poor daughter is trying so hard to get it and is nowhere close. We have a wedge and she can do a bridge kickover. As well she has her back bend onto the wedge. But she cant do a back walkover. Any ideas of things she can do at home to work on it that will help her get there?
  18. D

    Cartwheel/walkover element

    Hey, random question here, not really sure which forum to post it in... Just wondering what the official name of that nasty move on floor, where you start off doing a cartwheel, but as you get your legs to vertical, you rotate your hips so you finish with a front-walkover? I used to know it...
  19. D

    Cartwheel/walkover element

    Hey, random question here. Just wondering what the official name of that nasty move on floor, where you start off doing a cartwheel, but as you get your legs to vertical, you rotate your hips so you finish with a front-walkover? I used to know it, but my mind's hitting blank for a couple days...
  20. M

    Parents Front walkover on beam!

    DD has said several times lately, and I quote, "I'm having so much fun at gym right now Mom, I'm so glad I didn't quit" (we had quite the quitting dilemma last Spring & early this Summmer). She says part of the reason she feels happier now, is that she has all of her skills for Competing L6...