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  1. TheXcelMom

    WAG Hollow shape vs straight shape

    In every event there seems to be a choice coaches can make. Train the girls to do a hollow shape or straight shape. For instance on kip-casts, or handstands. But what's the rule? This is for Xcel, if that matters. Our girls are learning hollow and it's not getting the appreciation of the judges...
  2. G

    MAG kip cast for MAG gymnasts without injury

    Hi there, I'm new to coaching MAG gymnast kip, casts and didn't anticipate the problems with anatomical differences, and the pain that can cause during kip, casts. What do male gymnasts do to prevent injuring themselves? Thanks for your time,
  3. M

    For Parents Kip cast t o handstand

    Hello, my dd ( L7) casts with her leg together, and all of her teamates with their legs apart. What’s the difference? It seems to me that her back may be more arched. she tells me she ins able with her legs apart. So I was wondering… what. exactly is the difference?
  4. P

    For Coaches How to teach timing in cast hs clear hip hs

    I get the opportunity to assistant peer-coach level 6-7s, as a level 9, on one event of choice for an hour. I chose bars. This is just something fun my gym does in the higher levels as team bonding, and it always seems to be helpful, as the lower levels get been-there done-that advice and...
  5. gymnast#21

    Cast squat on

    I can't seem to get my feet together in my squat on. I always land with only my left foot on the bar. I swear I have my squat on but I can't get my feet together
  6. JBS

    WAG Kip Cast Handstand Tower (gymnastics drill for uneven bars)

    I figured I would start posting some of drills and systems that we use in the gym as that is what ChalkBucket is all about. ChalkBucket was created in 2005 to help everyone learn more about gymnastics. The cast handstand tower is a great way to practice cast handstands on uneven bars without...
  7. G

    For Parents Cast handstand help

    Hi! My daughter is a 14yo level 8 gymnast. She is pretty tall and not particularly strong or flexible so naturally cast to handstands don’t come easy. She was able to get by last year without one, however she got major deductions on it. What are some drills/ conditioning that she can safely do...
  8. G

    For Coaches Problem with cast handstand clear hip to handstand

    I'm clearly doing something wrong, because most of my girls (level 7&8&9 skill level, but not in the US) have this bad habit of doing a straddle cast handstand that doesn't entirely go to handstand, closing the legs super late near horizontal (on the way down) and going to the clear hip from...
  9. K

    WAG Mental Block - straddle cast handstand on bars

    My daughter is becoming discouraged and frustrated and I am hoping folks here can offer some advice... She's training level 7 and still doesn't have her straddle cast to handstand. Her coaches say that for months she can do it nicely if they very lightly spot her - and they say they aren't...
  10. JBS

    WAG Cast Handstand Tower (uneven bar drill)

    Here's a little video I made the other day to show how we work cast handstands on bars... seems like people like it... so here you go (share it on Facebook if you like it)...
  11. M

    For Parents L5/L6 cast angles

    Can someone please clarify the cast angle requirements for L5 and L6? The more I google, the more confused I get.
  12. G

    WAG Cast to Handstand Issues

    I have a press handstand from the floor and I currently do the drill where you cast-toes on- jump to handstand-fall over the bar at almost every practice. However I still feel like I'm not leaning forwards when I go for the actual cast handstand. I always push away from the bar. Any tips?
  13. kimute

    WAG Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    My poor unlucky girl injured the growth plate in her wrist and thumb at a meet Saturday. Now she is three weeks in a wrist and thumb cast, five weeks until states. Coach, Dr. (who is hand specialist for our local college team), and DD all think she will compete at states. 12 yo L. 8. She had...
  14. duncan620

    For Parents Help, any idea of how to sign a cast?

    My daughter fractured her wrist in 2 places and got her first cast today. I am looking for ideas on how to sign it. I thought something about a “cast” would be cute. Any ideas?
  15. A

    WAG Bars cast to handstand

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can help a confused 7 year old! She has been doing cast to handstand (straight to handstand, not straddle up) in a sort of dish shape for a while, and she is under the impression her normal coach wants her to do it that way. Her usual coach is on holiday for a...
  16. M

    WAG Straddle cast handstand

    My kid tells me that she is learning her cast handstand with her legs together until a certain stage she calls "butt-up," at which point she straddles the rest of the way up to HS. She says this is not actually a straddle CHS because in a straddle CHS you "straddle right away and then basically...
  17. A

    WAG Level for cast to handstand?

    Out of curiosity what level did yourself, your gymnast achieve her cast to handstand? What level is it usually achieved at your gym? What level, of any, is it required in your gym?
  18. Dee243

    For Parents Recovery from elbow cast/surgery

    Those of you that have been there -what was the recovery like from an elbow area injury that resulted in 4-5 weeks of imobiliazation? DD has surgery, and is recently out of her cast. She is making good strides lengenthening her arm to straight. Still a long way to go, but progesss for sure in...
  19. E

    Help With Cast to Handstand

    Hi, I am hoping to compete level 7 next season, but I have some problems with my cast to handstand. I have made it to handstand about 3 times before, each a few months apart. Each time I make one, I can't do another one for a long time. Another thing I have trouble with is coming back to the...
  20. H

    WAG Press HS and Straddle Cast HS

    Is it pretty much a given that if a gymmie can't do a press handstand then she won't be able to do a straddle cast handstand on bars either? I definitely see how feeling the form of and having the strength to do a press hs would help in getting a straddle cast hs, but is it more than just...