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  1. helllllooooooooo

    WAG kips

    should a student have a solid straight leg pullover before kipping, or should kips AND pullovers be learnt and perfected at the same time?
  2. Sari

    For Coaches Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    Do you teach kips with a straddle during the glide or with the legs together? Are there pros and cons I should be aware of? I have a few girls who straddle way too early and lose all momentum so I'm thinking about switching them over to no straddle. Only obvious thing I can think of is the...
  3. Kips&rips.JAB

    Consistent Kips

    I recently got my kip but still keep missing it sometimes. Any advice on have to improve it?
  4. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Kips

    So, i'm getting my kip on low bar more and more consistent and i want to work kips on high bar. Is there a difference between how a low bar and high bar kip should be performed?
  5. C

    WAG Types of kips - sorry if duplicate!

    I typed this all and then it disappeared, so sorry if it is a partial duplicate. First off, my brag. My ODD got her kip last week! With straight arms and everything. It was gorgeous! She has been so worried that she would not make lvl 4 because of it and then BAM. She turned 7 in...
  6. T

    For Parents Two kips in one week

    My girls have been so fixated on getting their kip.. I watched them practice lately and even though they claimed to be "so close", it didn't look like it to me. I was just really hoping they would get it before next season so they would have a hope of moving up to L4. But then they both got...
  7. munchkin3

    WAG Pushaway, or drop kips

    Question for coaches and judges. What is the deduction for coming out of a freehip, and when swinging down, into the second kip the hips are open at the bottom of the swing? I notice my munchie tends to have her belly out (!) or open hips at the bottom of this swing right before kipping back...
  8. S

    For Coaches Pushaway Kips and Kipping Out of Clear Hips

    This is going to sound like a really stupid question, but I don't know the answer to it and the only way I will learn is to ask. :) When kids kip out of clear hips, I notice that as they come around the bar their toes come up to the bar in a deep pike before stretching out the glide and then...
  9. A

    WAG First Kips - yay!

    Persistence paid off for DD (9YO) tonight. After training these for over a year (ok nearly 18 months) we have a kipper ..... finally! I'm not sure who this skill was going to kill first - me or her! :p Most of her team mates have had a kip (of varying degrees of prettiness) for what seems like...
  10. C

    For Coaches Kips kips kips!!

    Okay, I need everyone's secrets for kips! Switching to the JO system this year, has left everyone behind on bars, and half my group can't kip... They have less than a month to learn this (some can do them in straps), otherwise they're going to JO3, which I think we'll be even harder because...
  11. G

    For Coaches Kips and casting.

    I've been drilling, spotting almost everything I can think to do to help my l4's connecting their cast out of their kip. They look amazing when I spot over and over and over. Once they are on their....ew! Help! Maybe it's fear but we've done handstands and had them bail over the bar.
  12. munchkin3

    WAG Straddle casts, and kips vs. pike casts, pike kip.

    Is there an advantage to kipping, and casting with the legs together, vs. straddle? It look pretty to straddle cast HS, but is it harder to pike HS? What is more desirable?
  13. Becauseisaid

    WAG Kips with Straight Arms

    DD has her kip, but straight arms is hit or miss for her. She was talking about it yesterday and mentioned that her HC was telling her she needs to make sure her glide is more extended. However, this is where little girl stubbornness comes in. DD mentioned to me "But XX has short glides and...
  14. Gymnast@<3

    WAG Help with clear hip kips!!

    so i have this skill but now im coaching and i have no idea what to tell the gymnasts in order to help them with the skill i keep demonstrating but im not sure what i should say to help them.. any comments and advice is appreciated!!
  15. JAO

    WAG Connecting kips to skills

    New video for anyone interested:
  16. Gymnast@<3

    WAG help with switch kips!

    okay so i have them, however my form is sketchy and i get docked bad for it and sometimes my power stops the kip... any ideas?? :)
  17. motigymnasticsmom

    WAG Kips,grips,and rips....OH MY!!!!

    My dd is an XCEl silver this year. Her coach does not uptrain much. She insist that they perfect one skill before they can uptrain for other skills. Hence, she will not let them train kips yet and will not let them get grips until they get and perfect their kips. Well, yesterday, they were...
  18. G

    WAG How to practice wrist rotation for kips at home?

    My kip is spot on- until I have to rotate my wrists, so I never finish it. I always rotate them too early or too late. Ade there any drills I can do at home to practice timing of wrist rotation or even just practice rotating?
  19. R

    WAG Straight arm kips

    DD finally got her kips! She has been doing them pretty consistently the last 2 weeks, just in time for competition later this month! My question is about her arms. They are bent, she doesn't shimmy on her belly to get up like I've seen some girls do, but there is a bend in her arms. Is this...
  20. J

    For Coaches Kips! (And kip trainers)

    Hey all, I have a really talented young new level 4 team and we're still struggling on kips. Out of my team of five, three have their kip inconsistently, and two haven't gotten it at all. When the three who have it inconsistently do it, they do a super bent arm, muscle up version. I have one...