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  1. L

    WAG press handstand in a row easy? every opinion appreciated!

    So starting from scratch, it took me a little over 1 year to get my first straddle press from sitting. I am tall and "heavy", 5'4" and 120lbs. Should I aim for a second one or even more presses or is more than one press super hard at that height and weight? I know a woman who is sooo strong...
  2. P

    WAG Hardest Press Handstand on Beam - Can your DD do it?

    Question time again! Sorry! As DD is working on her straddle press, some thoughts came to my mind. So she has a standing straddle press and almost got it from sitting. Once she can comfortably do it from sitting up and back down again...what about the press handstands done on beam? Will she...
  3. P

    WAG Press Handstand Beam

    Question time again! Sorry! As DD is working on her straddle press, some thoughts came to my mind. So she has a standing straddle press and almost got it from sitting. Once she can comfortably do it from sitting up and back down again...what about the press handstands done on beam? Will she...
  4. S

    WAG press handstand update

    Some weks ago I posted that my younger DD (and the girls on her team) is expected to get her press handstand by the end of September. She has made good progress so far! She had her standing straddle but couldn't press up from a straddle L position to stand, although she could hold a straddle L...
  5. K

    WAG how many press handstands can you/your DD do?

    How many press handstands from sitting can you (your DD) do, what level are you in and how old are you? I know many L9 gymnasts, a few can do 5 or more, a few can barely do one and most of them can do about 3 although they all work them daily. I can't really understand why they can't do more...
  6. K

    WAG Are press handstands just allowed on beam as mounts?

    I have been thinking a lot if I should do a V-Sit or a press handstand mount on beam, because I like them both but am too weak to combine the two (like V-Sit to Press Handstand - can't get my feet through!). Now that I heard about the "Korbut flip" I was thinking if it was possible to do a...
  7. Mom2Chickadee

    WAG What is a Dynamic Press?

    My 5 and 1/2 year old DD just started her 3 week break from the gym (9 hours pre-team) this past Wednesday and as they were leaving all of the girls got their list of conditioning exercises to work on before they are back. DD was doing some of the exercises last night and when we got to Dynamic...
  8. C

    WAG Who has a press handstand on beam? I have a question!

    Today my coach spotted my straddle press handstand on beam. I did it "longways", on the narrow side, I don't know how I should explain that, but like where your hands are so close together that they are touching! Like this: He said this is super hard, because your hands are so close together...
  9. billise

    Parents Straddle Press Handstand!

    So excited I thought I'd share. She's been so close for so long. Tonight she did it!
  10. gothgymmom

    Parents Straddle press handstand

    DD and her Lvl 2 team were uptraining to get ready for testing, and DD is was the first one to get a perfect straddle press handstand!!!! I have been showing her videos for a while on them, and she has been trying them for a while now, and in front of her coaches she got it perfectly! just had...
  11. Amir Hussain

    Press handstand

    What's the goal by training straddle l press HS?I mean how many times we should be able to do them tandemly in the Olympic level?(in rings event)
  12. L

    WAG straddle press handstand substitute

    I have my standing press handstand. My goals are straddle lever to handstand and pike handstand. I wanted to work on it 3 times a week. But since some weeks I have groin and hip problems when I try to do a straddle lever. I am a little bit frustrated now because I can not train the straddle...
  13. D

    WAG Press handstand help

    My daughter can't seem to put it all together. She can do the straddle press but then has to reposition her hands to get to the handstand. I feel like there may be a simple step she is missing but I have no clue. Any good tutorials or suggestions?
  14. M

    WAG straddle press handstand drills

    my DD is working on press handstands. she can press into it from standind easily and can hold a straddle support for about 30-40 seconds. but she can't press out of it! It seems she just can't lift and put her body up! DD can do about 15 leg lifts on a free hanging bar, on stall bars maybe 5...
  15. L

    WAG Hip flexor and press handstands

    Hey guys! I just got my press handstand. 2 days ago in the evening I felt a discomfort in my groin region when I came home from school. I already felt that kind of pain sometimes when I did Round-Offs and Cartwheels, but this time it was a little worse. I think I pulled my hip flexor! It is...
  16. K

    WAG The press handstand - a "make it or Break it skill"

    I was wondering: is the straddle press to handstand/pike to handstand more a technique or a strength thing? let's say there is a strong Person who can do a lot of pull ups, push ups, leg raises etc, has a good flexibility and can Support themselves in straddle and L-Sit for 1 minute but Never...
  17. 3LittleGymmies

    Parents Press Handstand

    My youngest gymmie is five years old and she is on pre-team. While she is well beyond the other girls in her group in strength and maturity, she doesn't have all of the skills she needs to move up to the next pre-team group yet (she still needs her back hip circle). I suspect that this is mostly...
  18. Uglybetty

    Lever press handstand - why compulsory for GB level 3?

    As a spin off to an ongoing thread about these, I noticed that a US parent posted that her daughter is level 9 and can't do them. I thought they only went up to level 10 and that's when a college scholarship was a real possibility so I'm assuming their level 9/10 is more advanced than our level...
  19. billise

    Parents Straddle Press Handstand Question

    I was sitting at my kitchen table this evening working on my computer while DD was messing around in the family room. I looked up and watched quietly as DD completed her first straddle press handstand. It was a bit jerky but she did it all the way up to vertical. I jumped up and asked her to do...
  20. txgymfan

    Parents Spin off of Press Handstand - Parents what can you do?

    Twice since I have been on CB we have had parent skill contest. The submissions were on video and VERY funny. The winner did a full turn on beam. Submissions could be submitted with blurred faces and or shot neck down. Bog and other Mod's should we revive the contest? I volunteer to be a...