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  1. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Can an aerial be a xcel gold tumbling pass

    For xcel gold can you do an aerial as a tumbling pass of do you need 2 connected flight skills?

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    With the new rules for xcel competition, I am having trouble understanding the Gold requirements for tumbling passes. I see that it says there must be two directly connected acro skills with flight in one of the passes. Would the following two passes meet this requirement: 1. Roundoff backtuck...
  3. P

    WAG Xcel Gold Bars Circles

    DD has really clean FHC, and can pull off several in a row. For Xcel gold, the coach is training them all in two connected circles, which I know is technically not required, but is something our gym requires for gold. The two options the kids have been given so far are FHC cast BHC, which DD...
  4. D

    WAG Xcel gold floor question

    Hi, Can xcel gold compete round off back handspring back tuck or is that a platinum skill? Thanks.
  5. C

    For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

    So I was looking at the new changes for xcel gold next year, and one of the changes for bars is that you now need two circling skills. The routine we used last season was glide swing, pullover, cast, back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing, flyaway. I'm not really sure where we could add...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Scoring for xcel gold verses xcel silver

    Does scoring get harder as girls move from xcel silver to xcel gold? And then as they move to platinum and higher? Thanks!
  7. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Floor Requirements

    Hello, I am currently coaching a team of Xcel golds, and I am hoping someone can help clarify possibilities of flight skills on floor. One of my girls used to be kind of iffy with back tumbling, but (despite being consistent for months), it's the week of a meet and she is panicking, and has...
  8. D

    Anon Young xcel gold and poor scores

    My daughter is an 8 year old xcel gold. She has struggled with scores all year. She scores in the 9’s on one event but other events are in the 8’s and 7’s. She seems to always be the youngest or one of the youngest at every meet, sometimes looking like a baby among the other competitors. She is...
  9. R

    WAG Would this be considered a xcel gold or platinum beam routine?

    My daughter is wondering what level (xcel) routine this would be: tuck jump without hands mount full turn cartwheel, cartwheel split jump, 3/4 turn jump back walkover barani dismount TIA!
  10. G

    WAG xcel Gold Questions

    Hi! My gym is going to offer Xcel gold next year and I just had a few questions. On bars, I know that there is a cast to horizontal requirement. (I'm currently a level 4 and I hit my casts most of the time.) If I had two casts in my routine, would I get a deduction if one wasn't to horizontal...
  11. A

    WAG Xcel Gold Qualification Scores

    Hi all, I have went through a lot of documents within USAG and Xcel to find an answer to my questions and I can't really find it. So does anyone know the qualification scores for Region 3 Xcel Gold State and Regionals for both all around and event specialist. And also if a gymnast cannot...
  12. L

    WAG switching to xcel gold mid season

    Hi! I am currently a xcel silver gymnast. I’ve noticed that I’ve been way ahead of my team as I’m more serious than them. I’ve already competed 1 meet and got a 37.792 AA. I have my kip, front tuck, bw on beam, clear hip, round off bt, back tuck front tuck beam dismount, and front handspring...
  13. helllllooooooooo

    WAG back tuck required for xcel gold?

    This is just a general question. Is it normally required?
  14. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    I am currently an Xcel gold gymnast, but looking to switch to level 6. I have most of the requirements, however I don't know if I should or not. Is this a good idea? Will it help me in my future of gymnastics?
  15. A

    WAG Xcel Gold Bars

    Hey! Coach here. I have two girls who have been competing Xcel Silver. One has been in this level for 3 years now, and we're all ready for her to move up. Problem is, she is terrified of jumping to the high bar. She will do a squat on and stand on the low bar, but won't jump. I know Golds can...
  16. XcelGymnast_0

    WAG Xcel gold BWO BWO on beam

    I am currently a xcel gold I sort of my back walkover back walkover on the beam. I was wondering if you can compete a back walkover back walkover on beam in xcel gold. I probably won’t but I was just wondering if you can. thank you
  17. K

    Xcel Gold Floor

    Hello. I'm a gymnast who struggles with tumbling. I have a front handspring and a front tuck, but no back handspring yet. What are all the different combinations of passes I could compete for Xcel Gold? Thanks
  18. J

    WAG Xcel gold beam mounts

    Any ideas for an Xcel gold simple beam mount
  19. lctwist.amelia

    Hi! Xcel Gold gymnast here! I'm Amelia

    Hi! Xcel Gold gymnast here! I'm Amelia
  20. P

    For Parents Typically hours for Xcel gold?

    What have people seen as far as number of hours per week for Xcel gold? Trying to get a sense of what’s typical.